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Don’t Let These 4 Obstacles Deter You in the Grad School Application (231 hits)

Thoughts about graduate school, applications, examinations and root canals often fall in the same category of dread. In a similar vein, nearly everyone feels better upon completing each process. Virtually everything worth pursuing in life appears frightening and unattainable in the first moments of conscious thought. Those who say they have no fear or worries often have no life experience either.

Age-Related Concerns

College graduation may be a distant memory, with high school memories seemingly exist in the Stone Age. Graduate school may have seemed too long or too expensive when you first graduated from college. Anxious to get on with the next stage in life, you chose not to pursue graduate school offers at the time. Or, you might have felt unsure of a defined career path at that time.

Discovering your passion in life and pursuing it fully leads to a fulfilling life. Graduate school may be required to fully pursue your passion. Age should not deter even the oldest graduate school candidate. Currently, the average graduate student is 33 years old. That means students far older than 33 years old are accepted and participating in graduate school.

Graduate Admissions Tests

Many schools require prerequisite examinations prior to considering an applicant for graduate school. With medical schools, for example, they require the MCAT’s—which is definitely not known for being the easiest examination to pass. Not only must you pass the MCAT’s, but you need an exceptionally high score to gain acceptance to medical school. According to US News & World Report, the highest achievable MCAT score is 528. The average MCAT scores for students accepted to the top 10 medical schools in the US is 520. Given the weight this score holds for your future, it is very reasonable to seek MCAT private tutoring. The prudent prospective medical school applicant takes this exam seriously if becoming a doctor is their passion.

Negative Self-Image

Unfortunately for some, while you can pick a graduate school, you cannot choose your family. Low self-esteem begins very early with negative reinforcement. Passed down from generation to generation it becomes ingrained behavior to discourage some children from aiming “too high” in life. Being told you are not good enough to accomplish much in life takes its toll.

If you are telling yourself it is likely you would be a graduate school failure, just remember you graduated from college to get to this point. You have to be intelligent and studious to not only show up for class over a four year period, but to actually have a degree conferred. Furthermore, any chance of interrupting the generational negative sequence is more likely to break with more education and insight.

Money-Related Concerns

Your application and acceptance into graduate school was a major hurdle. Moreover, now you have concerns about paying for school.

If you reached this point, the money will come. Undergraduate debt and student loans may seem too much to pay back in one lifetime. Graduate school is a different matter entirely. Thousands of foundations and individuals offer stipends, grants and scholarships to graduate students. The oddest combinations can trigger offers. For example, one woman recounts a scholarship offered based on a combination of her religion, the fact she was a pilot and that she was over 30 years old upon attending graduate school.

Graduate school is attainable if you use all resources available. Do not hesitate to reach for any advantage you can while pursuing your dreams.

Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Monday, April 30th 2018 at 11:40AM
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