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Capitalism So Undermines Human Dignity! (1183 hits)

I support a Government supplementing the Needy with basic human needs of their citizens: health care, education, water, electricity, not the Privatization to the Corporate individuals, which should be considered to be socialistic. I believe in Free Enterprise which can be consider to be a form of Capitalism.

The Government should operate in the best interest of their Citizens, not the Corporations.

The assembly line, automation, computer tech and robotics have eliminated the need for so much of human labor, so now what are the people to do to sustain themselves?

I feel that all able body and stabled mind government assisted / welfare recipient should be obligated to provide some service back into the community. A kind of voluntary/placement workforce would be a more humane solution, much like how people serve in the arm forces.

In general, by volunteering in our communities, we are able to take advantage of matching government or corporate grants funds. By volunteering for certain groups and non-profit organizations, providing services to eligible community based efforts would be beneficial to you and the community.

By volunteering, you can gain valuable work / job experience, earn community service credits, receive valuable letters of recommendations; in addition, you would be able to network with others with similar goals and objectives, sometimes working along side seasoned professionals in their disciplines, etc. Best of all, you are contributing toward the betterment of the community.

Your time, regardless of your task sometimes provides $18 per hr. for In-kind grant service matching funds; professionals providing volunteer hours specific to their trade, their time is based on their business charges.

To ask a professional for a donation, sometimes it would be better to ask for some of their time, because that would be worth much more than what they may donate from their pockets, because their volunteer time can be used toward matching fund grants.

Working hard was the Christian work ethic value, "By the sweat of your brow you shall earn your keep"; instead of adhering to this concept the Welfare System has recipients and their children expecting something for doing nothing.
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Thursday, May 3rd 2018 at 9:02AM
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