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5 Great Ways to Get Your Aviation Career off the Ground (2134 hits)

Dreams of flying are a fantasy held by most people for whom it will remain only a dream. With the advent of flight 115 years ago magnificent flying machines made their debut. Choosing aviation as a career is an excellent move that will not let you down. Here are some good tips toward launching your aviation career.

Start Early and Often
Any time you have an opportunity to fly take it, no matter what your age. Purchase a log book so you can document any flight practice time periods you might get.

Many small, local airports rent small aircraft. Get to know some of the operators and you might be surprised how often a new instructor anxious to build flight time will allow you to tag along for a half hour of flight time here, or 20 minutes practicing touch and go’s there.

Locate a Good Flight School
Regardless of circumstance or age, you can take every opportunity to further your flight knowledge. Once you meet all prerequisite requirements it is important to enroll in ground school to begin training. Aviation schools are dedicated to producing fully qualified aviation personnel.

Do not be afraid to contact a school while you are still in the prerequisite process. A good school with aviation accreditation will make every effort to respond to a prospective student asking serious questions.

Get Your Medical Certification Done
Every step completed and passed on your journey to the skies is cause for celebration. Medical certification is dependent upon several factors. As someone looking for an aviation career, ask about third, second or first class medical certification requirements. While the medical examination itself is not grueling, bear in mind the FAA disqualifies people seeking certain aviation careers based on a number of medical conditions.

The prudent person will make certain they have no disqualifying medical conditions early when exploring potential aviation careers. Upon medical clearance, you can check one major element of your checklist and celebrate getting one step closer to your goal.

Bone up on Math and Science Skills
Although they may not be your favorite subjects, math and science form the foundation of essential flight knowledge. It is fine to ask for additional explanations and help when you run into unfamiliar concepts. You will find that, with practice, there is a logic to math and science that follows a certain rhythm and pattern.

Enjoy the sense of satisfaction earned when you work hard to master a subject you thought you were not able to comprehend.

Use Critical Feedback to Your Advantage
One thing you will hear frequently in the flight world is, “There might be bold pilots, occasionally there are old pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots.” Take every grain of feedback received as an opportunity to improve your skills.

Do not be concerned with making—and admitting—mistakes made while learning. This shows your instructors you are willing to learn and grow into a better aviator when you ask for feedback.

Enjoy your journey to silver-tipped clouds above the surly bonds of earth. Every landing you walk away from is a good one.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Monday, May 21st 2018 at 3:16PM
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