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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Studying Strategy in College (287 hits)

If you’re going to college, don’t think that you can do things exactly like you did in high school. No matter how confident you were in your academics before, you have to be willing to adjust. One of the biggest things to examine is your study skills. While you might have gotten away with minimal studying in high school, things change quite a bit in college. These are five ways you can improve your studying strategy in college.

Study Regularly

Too many people think of studying as cramming the night before a test. Doing so is only guaranteed to give you a headache as you try to get all that information into your brain. Instead, you should be studying throughout the semester at regular intervals. By the time you’ve reached the final exam, you don’t have to worry about studying all at once.

Make a Schedule

You should allot time for studying for each of your classes. Take a look at your class times and see when you have enough free time to review. If you have two hours until your next class, take your notes from your last one to the library and look over them.

Study with Others

Studying by yourself can become awfully boring and lonely. It can also be difficult to tell how well you’re doing. You should look into forming study groups with other students in your classes. By working together, you can find areas where you each are strong and where you struggle. Then, you can encourage each other to become better than ever.

Look into Glasses

Do you find your eyes getting tired easily when reading a textbook? If so, you might benefit from an eye exam. Go see an experienced eye doctor. They might discover that you have vision problems that have been affecting your study abilities.

Read Ahead

One of the best things you can do is reading about a topic before it’s discussed in class. When you do that, you’ll be able to go into class with a general sense of the lecture. As your instructor explains things, you can gain a better sense of the material and how it relates to what you’ve previously learned.

Improving your studying strategy doesn’t mean you have to forget everything you knew before. If you were already a strong studier, this is your opportunity to become even better. It just requires you to be patient and take every class as seriously as possible. When you see how good your grades are, you’ll be glad you took the initiative.

Posted By: Meghan Belnap
Friday, July 6th 2018 at 3:27PM
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