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The Influence of Attending WordCamp Conferences (587 hits)

The Influence of Attending WordCamp Conferences
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
WordCamp Speaker, Volunteer, Organizer and Advocate

Become the thought leader in your space and work to expand
your space. Be the expert in your field of influence and the
influencer of your content. Think about what you're doing
and how to apply your content to achieve your goals.

Being authentic is not a challenge when you know who and
what you are working to accomplish. Content will always be
King and Engagement is Queen. Content creators must
understand they are their own promoters and their
influence can be invaluable to those that share common

WordCamp conferences allows / encourages democratizing
publishing that everyone has the opportunity to globally
share their thoughts, dreams, and desires, their content

To be a digital community activist that encourages
thinking and in some cases a broad range of collaboration
and engagement. Activism should build levels of community
bonding and cooperation that like minds influence each
other and grow. Empowering, engaging, encouraging, and
educating that allow for dynamic growth and sharing of
thoughts that create opportunities for empowerment.

Define your own success:
"Never let the world define your success."
The world will try to influence you, make you think
particular ways and even have you believing that your
not valued or valuable. Be the change that you want to see
and create a culture of diversity, embracing the realities
of life that we need each other to survive and thrive.

We live in a world where information is accessible to the
masses, but the masses must know how to apply this
knowledge and importantly share it. Be consistent with
your content development, every day work to make the
words important you share important. If your words are
not important to you they will not be important to others.

Blog like you love it. Be Authentic, Be Unique.

"WordCamp conferences inspire original thinking, being
authentic and inspiring creativity that develops into digital
innovation and authenticy."
William Jackson, M.Ed. WordCamp Speaker,
Blogger, Volunteer, Advocate and Organizer.
Posted By: William Jackson
Thursday, July 26th 2018 at 12:20AM
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