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Vision Keepers and New Town Success Zone - Transformative Community Engagement (618 hits)

Vision Keepers and New Town Success Zone -
Transformative Community Engagement
by William Jackson, Member of the Social Media Team
with NTSZ and VK
#NewTownSuccessZone #VisionKeepers

Vision Keepers and New Town Success Zone have made
transformative changes in the Jacksonville, Florida
community. Impacting individuals, families and the
potential generational challenges that are being faced
across economic, educational, social and generational lines.

There are growing resources and collaborations to strengthen
community unity, building entrepreneurism, encouraging
business ownership, access to business capital, opportunities
for investment and reinvestment and health related information
with collaborations and cooperation with medical professionals
across Jacksonville. Yes there is a great deal to be
involved in contribute, but information must be shared.

There is access to resources and services that help to
provide investment and re-investment opportunities to
build and re-build diverse sections of the community
especially those classified as in-need, under-serviced,
economically stressed, poverty stricken and other descriptions
for challenged neighborhoods. The threat of food deserts is
a reality in the nation and because of FD children are do not
have access to healthy choices.

Business ownership, entrepreneurial design, mental health
services, access to business capital, business educational
resources, training in social media, web development and
even partnerships with community organizations both for
profit and not for profit are opening up. The availability
of resources and services that in many cases are lacking
or unavailable. These needs and more are being filled by
New Town Success Zone and Vision Keepers.

Vision Keepers and New Town Success Zone collaborations,
cooperations and monthly meetings are strengthening the
building of small and medium size businesses. The cultural,
gender and ethnic diversity of the community allows for
growth and partnerships as never before seen.
Reaching out to the community using digital technologies,
word of mouth, media elements and even involving students
from the historic Edward Waters College, the oldest HBCU
in Florida.

Information is vital as each generation enters into a
culture of informational awareness and digital access.
Where those who have access to information also have access
to financial growth, economic stability, educational
enhancement and generational wealth. Wealth is obtained,
it is not random, it is not gained from just winning a
lottery, it is a planned and strategic function.

Listed below are blogs written to inspire, engage, educate
and encourage continued growth in the Jacksonville
community especially for those communities that are
economically distressed. Programs are being developed
that address literacy, starting and running a business,
digital access to web development and social media platforms.

Vision Keepers and New Town Success Zone can be accessed
by Facebook pages, Instagram and the new web site.
904 470 8899

Digital information is sharing information that empowers,
educates, engages and enlightens the community. Blogging
or writing is only part of the process to share information.
Social Media platforms supplement a web presence and allow
mobile digital access.

Below are links to blogs written by community engagers,
educators and community activists. Take the time to
view and share information that can build the community.

This is a video blog with Mr. Maxey that set the tone for
the expansion and growth of NTSZ and VK.
Posted By: William Jackson
Thursday, July 26th 2018 at 9:43AM
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