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Success Always Leaves Clues (726 hits)

Success always leaves clues, just ask Dr. Kerry Cox, who took clues from the legacy that fueled the development of Black Wall Street in the all-black neighborhood of Greenwood located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1906, blacks established a multimillion-dollar business corridor that housed a bank, law firms, barbershops, car dealerships, doctors’ offices, schools, beauty salons, meat shops, a movie theater, and much more! Black residents didn’t have to leave their community for anything. The circulation of black dollars in the black community resulted in accelerated economic growth. Black Wall Street grew at such a rapid pace that they achieved global attention causing jealousy in the white community, resulting in white rioters looting and burning the corridor to the ground on June 21, 1921. Although this is yet another sad chapter in American History, it also laid the foundation for legacy building among the generations that followed. As an Oklahoma native and HBCU Fisk grad, Dr. Kerry Cox learned at an early age that legacy building involves a great deal of faith, focus, and commitment. It was this very commitment to family and community that he built his career and instilled the importance of legacy in his son, Kyle.

There is no doubt that Dr. Cox was raised learning the value of legacy and entrepreneurship from the clues and stories of Black Wall Street entrepreneurs. The Black Wall Street of yesterday highlighted the opportunity for economic growth and stability in the black community. Kerry Cox took these lessons to heart and no doubt used them as a personal roadmap to success. After building successful medical practices, investing in business and real estate ventures he retired to enjoy family, travel and golf passing the baton to his son Kyle.

Inspired by his father, Kyle also became an entrepreneur as CEO of BallerzWorld a popular online community dedicated to curated content of all things basketball. As an outgrowth of the basketball community, Kyle began to research the impact of clothing with a particular focus on sneakers. It comes as no surprise that the sneaker trend has been fueled primarily by black culture. However, most disheartening is the lack of black ownership of these brands. Realizing that there was a virtually untapped opportunity, Kyle reached out to his dad and the two collaborated to purchase TCG Footwear. The shoe brand is anything but run of the mill, the shoes which are carried in brick and mortar stores like Nordstrom’s as well as online, have an established and loyal following. Together, Father and Son have embarked upon an incredible journey to create generational wealth and legacy. A father himself, Kyle wanted to ensure his children understood the value of ownership. “I want to make certain that my children are more interested in owning or investing than the tag on their clothes or shoes. Moreover, we are building the TCG Footwear brand to establish a legacy for the Cox family for generations to come.”

TCG Footwear was founded in 2009 by Gianpaolo Altomari as Thorocraft, the brand was renamed T C G® in 2015. In 2018 father and son Dr. Kerry Cox and Kyle Cox acquired the brand, committed to providing impeccable service—unparalleled quality, traditional craftsmanship, and distinctive styles. According to Chairman, Dr. Kerry Cox, “Our goal is to create a blueprint on how to build true generational wealth, that can be used as a guide to promote a new Black Wall Street with the ability to enter the global marketplace. The TCG brand has streetwear appeal and can be worn anywhere from the office to a black-tie occasion which uniquely positions us to compete across multiple verticals.” It is evident that both father and son have taken legacy to new heights when son Kyle joined is father by pledging Kappa Alpha Psi.

Legacy is often discussed, but never actually executed because, in theory, it sounds good, but in application, legacy building involves a great deal of faith, focus, and commitment. It was this very commitment to family and community that we have seen examples of generational wealth builders and legacy in the entertainment industry from public figures like Denzel and Pauletta Washington, who support many charitable causes. Shawn and Beyonce Carter who started the Shawn Carter foundation that helps send kids to college, and with her mother and sister she founded the Beyonce Cosmetology Center, offering cosmetology training to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Athletes like LeBron James has created a legacy for his family and for others through the Lebron James Family Foundation and the I Promise School to name just a few. But the legacy of entrepreneurship, family, and community building through role modeling have set the stage for others to take a page from their playbook.

There are many more examples of some celebrity and many non-celebrities that have chosen to take the success clues and apply them. Each in their own way has decided to reach one and teach one in their families and their communities.
As a people, we are the largest consumer base in the United States. In the report Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers, the message is clear: While African Americans make up just 14% of the population, we are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually. Nielsen Research also shows that Black consumer choices have a ‘cool factor’ that creates a halo effect increasing its popularity. “We take pride in being a Black-owned shoe brand and intimately understand the drivers in our market, but our goal is to speak to the 43% of the 75 million Millennials in the U.S. identifying as African American, Hispanic or Asian as part of our growth strategy,” states Kyle. We see this “halo” effect in music, fashion, entertainment and more. Now is the time to take the reins and employ the Black Wall Street philosophy of harnessing our spending power to fully leverage the financial impact of and importance of the Black dollar recirculating within our community. It is past time to consider how we spend our dollars and who is benefiting economically. Then the world will recognize the value of our voice. So, ask yourself, where are you getting your clues from?
Posted By: Nea Simone
Saturday, August 4th 2018 at 7:11PM
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