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MY HBCU INTERVIEW: Kia Jubert-Bacon, Prairie View A & M University- c/o 2018, Biology & Pre-Medicine (1063 hits)

Name : Kia Jubert-Bacon

HBCU : Prairie View A & M University

Graduation Year : 2018

Major : Biology & Pre-Medicine

Minor : Chemistry


1. Where are you from? Who introduced you to HBCUs?*

I'm from Houston, TX. My parents and other family members have attended HBCUs in the past. I was basically born into the hbcu life, especially PVAMU since my parents attended the school.

2. Why did you choose an HBCU over a pwi?*

It was one summer when I was spending time with my grandmother and we were talking about college. She's an Alcorn State University Alumna and she was talking about her experience there and how she enjoyed her time at the HBCU. My grandmother told me that attending a HBCU would be the only opportunity for me to go to a school and be apart of a community where African Americans were the majority. So that's when I made my decision and took the opportunity to apply to HBCUs.

3. What is the story of your "experience" at Your HBCU given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?*

Prairie View A&M University has made a major impact on my life. My experiences helped me become more professional and well rounded. Being involved on campus has helped me improve on my communication, team work, and leadership skills. I've made life long friends, traveled in and out of state with my peers to support our football players and our band, The Marching Storm.

Gained 45 [line] sisters, by becoming an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman, so I've experienced the greek life during my last two years in college. It was overall an amazing experience! There were hard times, but the good outweighed the bad! I wouldn't change it for the world! Attending Prairie View A&M University was one of the best decisions I've ever made, it opened so many doors for me! I wouldn't be the young woman I am today if it wasn't for the purple and gold!

4. "First time" experiences at your HBCU?*

My first time experiences for the most part being on my own! It was a major change for me, I liked it alot. Other first time experiences were meeting my first love (2 years strong!), hump days, meeting celebrities/well known speakers, attending job fairs, and conferences related to my field.

5. Who are the professors that have impacted your life in and out of the classroom? How did they do that?*

Majority of my biology and chemistry professors have made an impact on my life in and outside of the classroom. From helping me study, learning what all I can handle as a student, balancing classwork with extracurricular activities, and how to prepare me for the professional world. I will only talk about one biology professor who has made the most impact in my life through out my college years, which is Dr.Brown.

Dr. Brown accepted me into his summer program, PCI ( Pre-medical Concepts Institute) to get a head start on my biology degree. He took the time to actually help me understand certain topics that we were discussing in his lectures, had medical schools and other healthcare professional schools come to the school and talk to us.

Gave us information about summer opportunities, took some students and I on a trip to a pre-med conference in Galveston, and we visited a medical school in Dallas. Without him I wouldn't have been really prepared as a biology major, probably wouldn't be as close to some of the students I've met along the journey, and wouldn't have met the man of dreams. A little fun fact he taught my mom when she attended Prairie View, she participated in the PCI program as well. His memory is impeccable! He still remembers my mom til this day and other students in the past!

He gives us advice on life outside of classwork and tells us stories about the past. I really enjoyed him as a professor.

6. What is your major? and Why did you choose it?

I majored in Biology. I chose biology because I thought that I had to major in that subject in order to get into medical school, but I didn't.

Later on down the road I found out that I could've chosen any major and still matriculate on to medical school. Despite not knowing that I truly enjoyed learning new scientific things, taking on new challenges, and gaining so many opportunities being a biology pre-med major.

7. What is your view on materialism, vanity and greed?

Materialism has a major impact on the black community, it's all about competing against one another about who has what. Or of course you came from nothing and so now you're on the come up, you can spend money and splurge. Don't do that. Make money, save money, invest. Of course it's always okay to spoil yourself every once in a while, but be smart about it.

Compare and contrast items, get items on sale, WAIT until items are going to go on sale. Ask yourself do you need these things? How often am I going to use or wear these things? Am I buying this for my own happiness or am I buying this so I can brag to others to make them feel bad? Am I going to have money left or can I buy this item twice?

I was never interested in materialistic things, especially high-end. At the end of the day materialistic things will still be on this earth and you will not. Do not let this take over your life, same goes for vanity and greed. Save your money! Greed...money isn't everything, don't let that take over your spirit. Money isn't your best friend, it comes and goes.

Money can lead you to do evil things, don't do it, it's not worth it. I was a broke college student, had no income, but God made a way and he can do it for you! Pray to God and talk to him about everything..talk to him about these three things! He talks about these three in the bible a lot, read it! Stay humble, be yourself, think smart, and choose right over wrong.

8. What is your process when you are going through a hardship that you have never faced before?

Prayer. I prayed and attended church, I actually looked forward to going to church because I knew that I would get the word that I needed to push forward and succeed in school and life itself. If you need a break from studying or if you're going through somethings such as depression get up and get OUT!

There are so many events and activities going on all over campus, go out and attend! Hang out with friends, listen to music! That's what I did to release stress and after a while, I continued to study. It helps ALOT, but time yourself, have self discipline, it will help in the long run.

If you are going through hardships and you know you can't handle it on your own, please tell somebody. Tell a close friend or you can go to counseling on campus. Counseling isn't just for depression or other mental illnesses, it's open to a variety of things.

9. What's your take on love (in the philosophical sense)?

Major key- LOVE YOURSELF! My advice is to love yourself first, be comfortable with being alone, take the time to get to know yourself. If you have not, you should create a relationship with God. If you have a relationship with God, improve your relationship with him first before you date. When you actually take the time to be by yourself, take care of yourself, and build a close relationship with God, that will keep your head on straight.

You'll know what kind of guy you want and you'll know your standards and keep them. God will guide you to the man you deserve. GOD will, not YOU and on his time not yours! So don't worry about finding love, you'll be ready when God says your ready. You'll feel it and know it. So just take your time, focus on God, yourself, and education.

10. What do you feel is most beautiful about you?

My spirit, It's full of peace and tranquility. I'm humble, patient, and selfless. I know without the spirit of God in me, I wouldn't be the person I am.

11. Are you a member of a sorority?

Yes! I am a part of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated! One of the best decisions that I've ever made! Full of community service, sisterhood, and opportunities!

Photos and Videos: https://www.myhbcuinterview.com/interviews/kia-jubert-bacon-prairie-view-a-m-university-2018-biology-pre-medicine-0aUmF87Qn4
Posted By: Elly Moss
Thursday, August 30th 2018 at 1:09PM
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