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Early Onset Alzheimer's - 5 Proactive Ways To Help A Loved One (784 hits)

There is no doubt that Alzheimer's is a problem affecting more people every day. Having a loved one with early onset Alzheimer's means that you are going to have to make changes to make things easier, and safer for them. While nobody is truly prepared for having an Alzheimerís or Dementia diagnosis, itís even harder for those with Early Onset Alzheimerís. The diagnoses usually comes as a surprise, even when it runs in the family.

One of the things that makes Early Onset Alzheimerís so scary is the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty. One may know what to expect, but not when to expect it. A loved one may be completely capable of driving and taking walks unaccompanied, till they donít return home or get lost. This can bring a sense of uncertainty. You canít plan for everything, but that is part of the reason why you should have these tough discussions with your parent or loved one while they can still have them. The following are five proactive steps you can take with this troubling revelation.

Get to Planning
Realizing that your loved one will be dealing with a whole new set of problems that will only get worse may seem bad, but the truth is that it gives you a chance to prepare. Part of planning for the future is understanding how this ailment is going to affect your loved one. Upon diagnosis they should write a will. This is never fun, but theyíll be able to express the care they want to have while they are lucid and can express themselves. This is a very difficult step, but procrastinating it will only bring guesswork and more difficulty for the loved ones to make the decision without guidance from the Alzheimerís patient. Make sure they choose someone to have power of attorney while they can to avoid family drama and legally let you help them when they need it.

Rethinking Transportation
A person going through this problem may begin to have trouble remembering where he or she is. This means that transportation needs to be addressed. Your loved one's car needs to be equipped with a GPS system that allows you and others to know where your loved is at all times. This system can also guide your loved one should he or she ever forget his or her destination.

Re-Examining Deadly Force
Remember, a loved one going through this problem may begin to lose things, and that can be dangerous if he or she owns a weapon. You do not want your loved one being responsible for a deadly weapon when he or she is simply not capable of taking care of it. Part of being a gun owner is knowing how to be a responsible one, but this is no longer possible, so try your best to convince your loved one of this new reality. Itís best to make a plan early on than to try and take it away. Even if you let them carry an unloaded gun, it can be dangerous for them when first responders arrive in a medical emergency. Many Alzheimer patients suffer from severe depression and could self-harm.

Consider Disability Insurance
The Social Security Administration has added this condition to the list of ailments worth considering. Early onset Alzheimer's being added to this list under the administration's Compassionate Allowances initiative should give you some relief, but it is important to hire a professional Todd East Attorney at Law or a local social security attorney near your to ensure approval if your loved one is rejected the first time.

A Nurse for the Sweet
As your loved one's condition worsens, you need to consider hiring help like a professional nurse that can be there for him or her more often than you. A nurse trained to deal with people with this condition is going to be patient and keep him or her safe. Be sure to take your time when interviewing possible nurses until you find one that fits. As Alzheimerís takes over the brain physical ability is also restricted and reduced. You want to consider care in a facility for Alzheimerís patients where there can be a trained nurse around the clock.

These are just some of the proactive steps you can take to care for your loved one now. Be sure to communicate your steps to your loved one's health care professional to ensure that you are both on the same page. These decisions are never easy, remember to plan ahead, stick to your plan, and find support groups online or in your community to help you help your loved one. Becoming the caretaker with power of attorney can be overwhelming. Just remembered that the loved one trusts you enough to make important life decisions for them when they wonít be able to. Thatís a very vulnerable decision, so when the overwhelming feelings come remember that you were chosen because they trust you. Trust your gut, consult with your loved one as early on as possible, and take care of yourself.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Wednesday, November 28th 2018 at 7:38PM
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