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Good Health Practices for Zodiac Sign Virgo (327 hits)

I love health and astrology, so for you all who are Virgo's make sure you check out this blog about the health practices for your zodiac sign. Take care.

The most common characteristic of Virgo: orderliness. There is some explanation for those who do not fit the bill; either other aspects in their chart outweigh this Virgo energy or they are so overloaded with it that they short circuit, rejecting it all. Often those who are incredible neat-niks will deny it, protesting that "My house is always so dirty." They are their own worst critic.
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As a Virgo you are a great organizer and are particularly good at paying attention to details. You are very methodical and fastidious in every project you undertake. The only danger here is that you can overdo it by becoming too critical. It is also possible for you to get so caught up in unnecessary details that you fail to see the larger picture. You tend to be shy and modest, and you age very gracefully; you often appear to be younger than you are.

Virgos are socially gracious and are repulsed by vulgar behavior. Their eyes reflect their intelligence and clarity of thought. They usually dress very meticulously and often conservatively. Virgos have a healthy respect for personal hygiene and good health practices. They reap a great deal of personal satisfaction from serving others, and many born under this sign become nurses.

While you are quick to point out the flaws in others, it is not so easy to admit those in yourself. You are sincere and dependable in your relationships with others, and you appreciate practicality, punctuality, prudence and discrimination in others. Pressure from hard work can affect your health, and you have a tendency to worry.

Source: Everything About Astrology: Zodiac Signs Junction, Tarot and Horoscopes

In relationships you go to great lengths to please your lover and value a mate who knows what pleases you. You prefer a lover who is physically loyal to you and would be more comfortable in a stable, long-term relationship. Be careful not to be too sensitive, though; what you perceive to be neglect may only be an oversight on your partner's part. Also be careful not to smother your mate with love; be sure to allow them the space they need apart from you.
Posted By: Angela Wilson
Thursday, December 6th 2018 at 5:56PM
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