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6 Things I Wish I Learned Before Moving Out (301 hits)

Leaving for college and moving out of your parents' home is part of adulthood. It's the opportunity to make the rules and travel in a separate apartment or home within the same city or a different one. The dream is exciting, yet the reality is unforgiving. If someone were to tell you this helpful information before moving beforehand, things would be different.

Have Finances in Order

Don't move out without stable finances. Almost everything costs money, so a good cushion of savings is sufficient. Amounts under $10,000 isn't suffice to survive in the long haul. Additionally, credit history is the gateway to large purchases and rentals such as a home, apartment, vehicle, and mortgage, so learn how to operate a credit card responsibly.

Spend Like a Responsible Adult

Independent living is about spending on necessary items, saving for emergencies, and saying no to wasteful spending. You must learn to reduce spending by creating a budget and looking at price tags in the store. Then, there are car payments, pets, emergencies, and unfortunate circumstances that drain all or most of the finances. Only you can find the balance between spending, splurging, saving, and emergency use.

Car maintenance and repair

Not everyone is lucky enough to have gearhead as family, but if you do have them teach you. Everyone should be able to check their car for oil, change a tire, and do basic maintenance. If youíre lucky enough to have someone teach you repair it would save you money to fix your own car. Say you have an Eclipse, it would be way cheaper to order Mitsubishi car parts online and fix it than to go to a mechanic. If you have the opportunity to learn, shadow! Youíll appreciate it when youíre living on your own.

Relationships with Friends and Family Change

When you move far from friends and family (i.e., another state, another country), don't expect friends and family to visit often. In fact, long-distance relationships between friends rarely last. The long-distance affects visiting on holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. Therefore, make suitable arrangements to visit family and friends. In turn, it will make you cherish family and friendships more.

Be Selective About Roommates

It's up to you to determine who makes a good roommate. Besides sharing items and space, you will sign a lease with the roommate. Signing with the person means you'll risk credit history to save money. Be selective as friends aren't always great roommates, and strangers aren't always untrustworthy. Trust the wrong person and you're stuck footing the outstanding balance.

Forced to Learn New Skills Now

Skills like cooking, sewing, operating the dishwasher, washing/drying clothes, and making repairs are important tasks to learn. Since there's no going to school for most of those skills, channel your parents or watch YouTube for the answers. Trial and error is your friend.

If you haven't moved out yet, take the harsh reality as a precaution. It will ground you to move out of your parents' house realistically. If you already moved out, this information may relate to your situation or toughen you up for the rest of your life.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Friday, January 18th 2019 at 4:49PM
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