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4 Uncommon Careers in Engineering You Can Explore (254 hits)

One of the many great things about majoring in engineering is that you have a variety of career options. There are over 1.5 million engineers in this country. Every engineer has different talents, interests and abilities. You are sure to find an engineering career that is right for you. There are also career options that you may not have explored yet.

Mining Engineering

Mining engineers are professionals who work in mineral extraction and mining facilities. Mining engineering has a wide range of duties that include coordinating and supervising every mine activity. They are also responsible for developing, designing and testing processes that harvest geological material.

A mining engineer can test and analyze soil to look for minerals. They can also read and interpret topographical maps that show where mineral deposits are. Additionally, mining engineers can report and document the minerals that were extracted and the mining activities.

You will need at least a bachelor's degree to become a mining engineer. However, many positions require that you have a master's degree.

Pyrotechnic Engineer

Pyrotechnic engineers are the professionals who are behind the firework displays. They come up with the design for the firework displays.Pyrotechnic engineers can create products and displays that will be used to enhance celebrations, musical events and sports events.

You will need to earn a degree in chemical engineering if you want to become a pyrotechnic engineer.

Sports Engineer

If you have a passion for sports, then sports engineering may be the career for you. Sports engineers are responsible for researching and developing new products and equipment for the sports industry. Most people who are sports engineers have a background in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science and mathematics.

This is a competitive field, so it is best for you to have a master's degree.

Food Engineer

Food engineers are responsible for a lot of the food that we eat. They make sure that the food is safely packaged before it hits the shelves. They also develop elements that can preserve food. Additionally, they can manage the facilities that the food is produced in.

Many people who work as food engineers have a degree in food science, chemical engineering or industrial engineering. You can enter the field with a bachelor's degree, but it is best to have a bachelor's degree.

A degree in engineering can open many doors for you. Engineering is a diverse and exciting field. Food engineering, mining engineering, pyrotechnic engineering and sports engineering are just a few of the many career options.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, January 28th 2019 at 8:02PM
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