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Best Teacher: 4 Innovative Classrooms Around the World (180 hits)

Teaching a child is no easy feat, but it is something many teachers around the world do. One thing some teachers have to figure out is how to engage students and ensure that they learn. The following are four different classrooms around the world that are making waves.

A Real World Blend

An interesting teaching method involves pairing mentors up with students who are passionate about a particular field. The studentís passions are extracted at a very young age, and a person who works in that field is brought in to help students get real world experience. It teaches kids that their passions can indeed give them a career, and it shows them how their passions are applied in the real world.

At a Childís Own Pace

There are a number of classrooms around the world blending technology into their classroom and allowing that technology to empower students. The purpose of giving students power is to allow each student to learn at his or her own pace and for the student to create a curriculum. The teachers are there only to assist, but the overall program is individual-driven.

Pets in the Classroom

It may seem unorthodox to blend education with corporate sponsorship, but there are times when these work well together, like the new model allowing businesses to sponsor classroom pets. These pets are trained to help students struggling to read or struggling with various other activities. The reality is that these dogs can actually provide support and relief for kids anxious to read.

More Hands On

Education is usually based off theories, but that model is being challenged more and more. Some classrooms out there are encouraging kids to do things that parents might have objected to at one point, such as taking apart appliances and rebuilding them. Some of these classrooms allow children to use fire and all sorts of tools to help them learn the information necessary to function in this society. This is definitely a scary concept but one that trusts children a lot more.
These are just some types of educational programs that are seeing success around the world. No one can predict if any of these models are going to catch on, but perhaps some of the concepts behind them are going to gain some steam in the near future.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, March 4th 2019 at 7:35PM
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