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4 Things to Know about Engineering before Picking Your Major (366 hits)

You have had your eye on an engineering degree ever since high school. Subjects like physics, mathematics, electronics and pulling things apart to see how they work has always been a hobby you enjoy. Sure, you may have struggled to put objects and devices back together again, often ending up with a few screws left over, but such were the inquisitive journeys of your youth. Now that you have to choose a major, you just want to make sure that engineering is going to be the right choice for you. The following are four things about engineering you should know before committing to an engineering degree.

Engineering Is Precision Work

While it may have been fun tinkering with stuff to get your feet wet with learning how things work, a formal approach to engineering will require a lot more precision thinking and work. It is not enough to simply discover how things work, you must be able to justify these functions and procedures with scientific reasoning and principles. This is what makes the work of an engineer so important in the workplace.

Understanding by Order of Operation

As an engineer, you must have a firm grip on the order of steps a process must follow. Without this skill, it will be difficult to understand how complex devices actually work. Often mechanical processes have many steps that must all be timed and executed in a sequential fashion for a device to operate properly. Typically, you will be looking at problems that involve some kind of serial or parallel stepwise processing required to achieve a desired outcome.

Get Some Business Training

A lot of engineers fail to realize how important it is to have as good a business sense as it is to be able to tinker with devices and tools. Engineers who take a few business courses will be a valuable asset to companies that need engineers who understand the value of product assurance testing, product marketability, resource allocation and cost-effective product design methods. Engineers who can think like savvy business people will find it easier to gain employment in their field of study. Remember, you might be both the lead engineer and the project manager at the same time, and such a position will draw on an understanding of fundamental and advanced business concepts alike.

How Many Types of Engineering Are There?

Generally speaking, there are six primary branches of engineering: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical. Within these six major branches, you can have literally hundreds of different subcategories that focus on engineering specialties. This may make it difficult to pick a specific area of study within the engineering field, but one way to choose may be to look at what kind of engineering jobs are popular in the particular region you would like to live and work. This will help you to pick an engineering discipline best suited to your employment interests and goals.
It is time to start thinking more precisely about which type of engineering degree you would like to pursue. With so many different and exciting applications for engineers to work in these days, there exists a number of areas for which your engineering skills would be both appreciated and well compensated. So whether itís soil grouting work or building bridges, be certain that the particular branch of engineering you choose is the right fit for you and the kind of work you see yourself doing in the near future.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Monday, March 25th 2019 at 11:48AM
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