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I Am, "The Spook That Sat In Their Classrooms" (684 hits)

My grades would never reflect my Over-standing.

I was branded as an average, not working up to my potential student.

To be their "A" student, meant that you had conform and that you understood (The System's Message), in order to Get-in, you have to Fit in.

Fitting-in, I didn't look for their validations, but I did learn, in order to pass was to give the answers that the teacher wanted, not what or how you felt about the topic.

That is why, Art offered me the freedom of interpretation to any subject or topic.

Now, taking my liberties to address the American Educational System's miseducating everyone on Slavery in America, compound by their No Child Left Behind Policy, (The System) is to further Dumb Down the Future!

I can testify while sitting in a classroom of White students, sometimes the only Black student, that they did not edit out incriminating historical facts to hide it from me.

Most White Americans have never been told the truth about Slavery. And when the issue is brought up, those who respond offensively or are dismissive of the matter, to me, in reality they are really afraid of our potential when not restrained.

There is a saying, obviously by a White man, "If you want to hide something from a Black man, put it in a Book."

My experience has been, " If you want to hide something from a White man, let a Black man write the Book."

Then again, those who make the effort will not be able to comprehend what they are reading, in essence they are just hooked on phonics.

The fact since the abolishment of Slavery, immigration has had a major impact on Black America, on many levels. These people too are ignorant and not interested to know about Slavery and its impact on Black Americans.

" I came to America with nothing, I toke advantage of all the opportunities afforded me, and I worked for everything that I have." This is the standard mantra you hear from the industrious migrant.

Every other ethnic group, who migrated to the USA, after slavery were given opportunities and privileges over Blacks in America, in union terms, those other ethnic groups would be considered "Scabs".

How the Black race is portrayed in Corporate Media, fosters the unjust finger pointing. The fact is that the majority of White Americans rarely live in or near Black communities, the criminals they face are their own, the White Collar criminals which are also themselves, the Politicians and the Corporate Lobbyist, etc., yet the Black Americans are the blight on the State of the Union.

There are White Infiltrators among us, who mean discord, they should not be allowed to disparage those us with conscious messages, because like a virus the Truth will ring in their heads, they will never be the same again.

They are unconsciously being enlightened and hopefully it will spread among their love ones, like a Flu. You know the saying, Once You Go Blacků

When will White America realize we are a Western Hemisphere Tribe, made up of many families, separated by oceans, cultures, customs and religions?

The White Race are not All or Always Our Enemy; The Enemy is Their White Attitude of Superiority, Prejudice, Privilege, Entitlement, Control, etc...

You just have to be Mindful to Whom You Trust!

Ivan Butcher II
St. Croix
Us Virgin Islands
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Tuesday, March 26th 2019 at 10:58AM
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