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Wise Planning: 4 Careers to Consider for High Job Security (83 hits)

With student loans and the cost of living so high these days, job-seekers want a career that doesn't just offer decent pay--it also offers job security. Many jobs in factories and in other career sectors are seeing a rapid replacement with automation. To ensure that you still have a job in ten years’ time, consider these four careers that offer high job security.


While there are certainly tools these days that make accounting a lot easier, you still need an accountant to use those tools. One of the jobs with the highest job security is an accounting career. Perhaps one of the best aspects of accounting is that accounting school is usually quite quick and relatively cheap. You can get into low-level accounting jobs with an associate's degree and nothing more. However, for those who really want to bring in a lot of money and ensure their job is safe, you should attend school for four years.


Although automation is on the rise, someone still needs to be able to write all of the programming. Having an understanding of code can open up quite a few doors to you. Careers in various fields all require programmers to design websites, monitor apps, and perform other software tasks. With technology being used more and more in the workplace, programmers are sure to be sitting comfortably in job security for several years to come.

Data Scientists

Another aspect of programming and software is data scientists. These guys go through all of the data that is being collected by various tools and essentially analyzes it. Then they offer actionable plans based on the data they've analyzed. With marketing companies, especially, needing to know how to best market their goods, you can be sure that a data scientist will always be in high demand.


With everyone taking security more seriously at their business and at their home, the demand for security guards and security monitors is ever on the rise. With smart technology allowing business owners to have eyes on their business at all times of the day and night, security guards are still in demand, even if in new ways.

If you want to make sure that your career is still going to be there for the next few decades, then you should consider these four career paths. You don't want to be caught searching for a job later.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Friday, April 5th 2019 at 10:32AM
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