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Show Your Best Self: 4 Ways to Be Confident When Starting College (267 hits)

Heading off to university is an exciting time. Youíll get to meet new people and learn things in your classes. But thereís also a lot of pressure when youíre going to school, and having a lack of confidence about things that you could change isnít the best way to start. New university students have insecurities about a wide range of things, including maintaining grades, making friends, looking attractive to potential dating partners, and having enough money to pay for necessities, so here are some tips to alleviate some of the struggles.

Set a Study Schedule to Maintain Grades

One of the first things you should do when you arrive at university is set a schedule to study. One useful tip is to schedule study time directly after class. This is a great opportunity to review what you just learned, and youíre setting yourself up to have plenty of time to do readings and other homework well before your next class. You can also use these tips for more effective studying.

Get Involved to Make Friends

Whether you decide to join Greek life or get involved with student government, youíll have plenty of opportunities to meet people if you get involved with student activities. Plus, youíll already have a common interest, so conversations will flow naturally.

Get a Makeover to Attract Dating Partners

While being yourself is always good advice, why not be the best version of yourself. If you take the time to be just a little more polished, youíll feel better about yourself, and confidence is always s*xy. You can get a few new pieces of clothing, or you can invest in the cosmetic dentistry that youíve always wanted.

Apply for an On-Campus Job for Money

One of the great things about on-campus jobs is that traveling to and from work is quick and doesnít even require a car, usually. Also, on-campus employers understand that youíre a student first, so theyíre very happy to schedule around your class schedule and understand that this can change every semester. The shifts might only be a couple of hours long, so you wonít get bored, either. Even 10 hours of work per week is enough to help some students out with daily living expenses tremendously.

When you go to school, youíll experience many changes. Some of them can be a little unnerving, and some of them can be absolutely exhilarating. Try some new activities and strategies to make the best experience possible for yourself.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Tuesday, April 16th 2019 at 10:42AM
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