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Planning a Sorority Event? 4 Tips for a Safe and Fun Evening (114 hits)

A sorority is, at its heart, a social organization. It's a great way for women to get to know each other and to experience things together. For that reason, sororities have a busy social schedule, ranging from simple events for evenings to longer trips together. Either way, there are so many people involved and so much to plan that it is very important to plan it with safety in mind.

Choose Safe Destinations

Let's face it. There are some places that you just don't need to go, and that is especially true when the safety risk is higher than the potential party. In this age of social media, it's easier than ever to be deceived by clever marketing and end up with the wrong impression of a hotel, club, or other destination. Do some real research and find out if it truly is a places that are in open, public spaces, well lit after dark, and in well-maintained parts of the city.

Consider Traveling Conditions

It is very easy to get excited about a trip you've been looking forward to and overlook the potential for bad weather. It could be severe thunderstorms or a snowy mess, but whatever it is, you could encounter serious issues with your drive home. You may think you will head home before the bad weather hits, but when everybody's having fun, it can be tough to get everybody to leave.

Create Accountability

Most sorority trips aren't two or three girls. There will probably be 20 or more of you heading out. Ironically, it is easier to lose track of somebody in a large group than a small one, so everybody needs to talk ahead of time and group up in twos or threes to make sure that nobody gets missed at the end of the event. And somebody needs to be in charge of knowing how many twos and threes there are!

Get Safe Transportation

Your ride can be one of the most complicated things to figure out. Carpooling gets people separated and lost, and it creates uncertainty about how to cover fuel costs. On top of that, the more cars you take, the more designated drivers you will need. And oh yeah, what about getting everyone's bathroom stops coordinated? Not a chance. It's far easier to let Cardinal Transportation Ltd handle the entire transportation process so that you can focus on spending time together and making the most of your trip.
Whether it's a day trip or a long weekend together, the time you spend with your sorority sisters will build bonds that will last a lifetime. Good planning will ensure that these excursions are safe, enjoyable events that don't take away from the fun, productive value of the event.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 12:36PM
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