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Learning and Advancement: 4 Research-Based Careers and What They Do for the World (343 hits)

Nearly all job recruiters admire candidates with strong research and analysis skills, but some people decide to make research the basis of their entire career. Research is involved in every industry and impacts our daily lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. If you enjoy research and are wondering what job you can have, the options are essentially limitless, but to get you started, here are four research-based jobs and the impact they have on the world.

Data Science

Data science is responsible for making sense of major industries, defining statistics and finding ways to apply collective information in meaningful ways. A data scientist can work for a corporate company, helping them improve their products and services in order to deliver the most beneficial results to customers. Or they can work in the science and technology field, evaluating data and presenting evidence that will be the underlying framework for many of the world’s most brilliant future innovations.

Medical Research

A medical researcher strives to use their knowledge and skills to improve human health as a whole. Medical scientists conduct experiments and clinical trials to explore the impact of various medications and health conditions on the human body. Thanks to specialized equipment and supplies from leukopaks to autoclaves and everything in between, they use their findings to propose solutions that can lead to a healthier world.


In forensics, data and facts are everything. Criminal evidence can be hard to decipher or even notice to the untrained eye, so a forensic scientist evaluates crime scenes and collected evidence to make connections that help law enforcement solve crimes.
A forensic researcher can specialize in crime scene investigation or lab analysis, and their unique skill set will play an integral role in catching criminals and bringing justice to victims.


Sociologists help shape the world’s view of society at large by identifying trends and designing solutions for major social problems. A sociologist’s research mainly concerns the most prominent aspects of a society at a given time, including religion, work, education and families.

If you love research, then you can find a job that gives you an opportunity to discover new things every day. Start by identifying an industry you’re passionate about, be it psychology or agriculture. Then, begin exploring science and research-based jobs in those industries, so you can shape your education and career path to achieve your dream of being a professional life-long learner.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 4:25PM
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