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5 Fields of Law Aspiring Attorneys Should Consider (84 hits)

Becoming a lawyer is the childhood dream of millions of people across the country. It is a profession that offers the potential of a high income combined with the ability to help others. This is exactly the balance that many people seek after when it comes to their career. At the same time, there are so many attorneys out there that it can be frustrating to find a strong foothold in one particular area. Rather than fight such an uphill battle, aspiring attorneys should consider entering one of the following fields of law in order to maximize their potential from the outset.

International Law

The global community is becoming more interconnected by the year. This has opened up many opportunities within the area of international law that attorneys can capitalize on. It is especially helpful to have knowledge of other cultures and languages in order to be successful in this field.

Immigration Law

Immigration continues to be a hot button topic in political circles. At the same time, record numbers of immigrants are trying to enter the United States on a yearly basis. This provides quite the opportunity for aspiring lawyers to develop a solid client list while helping others gain a better understanding of their immigration rights at the same time.

Health Law

This is another area of the law that continues to evolve. There are many directions that attorneys can take with this field, including biotech and clinical ethics. It is possible to enter into either government or private practice with this field, as it is so diverse in scope.

Family and Juvenile Law

Aspiring lawyers looking for clients will find them in this area of the law. Family law deals with such issues as divorce, domestic abuse allegations, adoptions, and so much more. You will find a number of solo-practitioners and small firms focus on this area of the law. It is highly specialized and you can develop a name for yourself rather quickly.

Criminal Law

There are two different directions you can take with this field of law. You can either defend accused criminals, or you can work as a prosecutor. There is a wide range of possible cases that you can try in this area, which many lawyers find exciting. When people hurt at work you can be their workers compensation attorney. It is a way to broaden your reach when you are just starting out in the profession.

Any of these fields will help you to get a leg up in the legal profession. While it is a competitive industry, there are some areas of the law that are in higher demand than others. Aspiring lawyers will look to enter one of these fields and then set out to make a mark for themselves as quickly as possible.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, May 20th 2019 at 1:13PM
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