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The Pros and Cons of Taking Driverís Ed Online (145 hits)

When you imagine driverís ed, do you picture yourself in a classroom or behind a keyboard? Believe it or not, online driverís ed is actually fairly popular. Those who use it champion the flexibility and value of the lessons. But is something lost when youíre learning from home rather than in-person? Letís explore some of the pros and cons of taking driverís ed online.

Pro: More Flexibility

Taking driverís ed online can allow much greater flexibility in your scheduling. You donít have to worry about venturing out to a specific location because your classroom is in your home. Plus, online courses can be taken whenever the student pleases. Itís still up to you to make sure you keep up with the lessons. Try to set up a specific time every week for lessons. Take notes and review them immediately after your lessons so they stay fresh in your mind.

Con: Distractions

Trying to learn things online can lead to multitasking to all the distractions around you. Because thereís no one around to remind you to pay attention, you might find your focus drifting. You might also start doing other things online that give you more short-term pleasure. You might need to block distracting websites and put your phone away while your lessons are underway.

Pro: More Involving

The quality of traditional driverís ed courses can vary. You might find yourself in a classroom with a lecturer whoís unenthusiastic to the point of putting everyone to sleep. Online driverís ed can have a more dynamic presentation, with interactive lessons and neat designs. Engaging students is one of the most appealing aspects of online driverís ed.

Con: Waiting for Answers

If you need clarification on something in a traditional driverís ed class, you can raise your hand to get an answer immediately. However, in an online environment, it can be much more difficult to get this resolved. You can try to message the instructor, but thereís no guarantee of when theyíll get back to you. You can also look elsewhere for the answer, such as on other websites, but that might seem like it negates the purpose of taking an online course.
The bottom line is that online driverís ed may or may not be the right fit for you. If you are able to adapt to the online environment and understand that youíll still need to put the lessons to use when youíre driving yourself, then you should go for it. However, if you crave in-person instruction, a more traditional route might be best for you. Either way, you should take drivers ed seriously. Specially your time on the road. You donít want to be the cause of an accident. If you are in an accident you can go to an auto accident attorney . You can put peopleís lives in danger when youíre behind the wheel. So, make sure you are a careful driver and take your time on the road seriously. Whichever course you use to learn make sure your time on the road practicing correctly.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, May 20th 2019 at 3:12PM
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