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4 Fantastic Career Paths for a Criminal Justice Major (182 hits)

If you have a passion for criminal justice, there are many career options that will allow you to work in this exciting field. Some of these positions require advanced degrees while others only require some additional training. Here are four fantastic career options in criminal justice.


You can work as either a defense or prosecuting attorney and help your clients get the justice that they deserve. Along with having a law degree, you値l need excellent speaking skills and the ability to analyze details carefully to be successful in this position. You値l also need to try to work out deals for your clients to achieve the best outcome possible.

Police Officer

As an officer of the law, you値l be responsible for getting criminals off the streets and into police custody to keep society safe. You may also be assigned to work on special investigations that involve complex criminal organizations. Much of your training can be completed at a police academy, but having a college degree in criminal justice can also be helpful in becoming a police officer. This position will likely require you to work days and nights with varying shift times, so having a flexible schedule will be paramount.

Private Security

Private security guards are often needed by celebrities and other high-profile individuals who may be more prone to harm from others. You might be employed to work in a private home or at a business. There is even the possibility of having the chance to attend special events while you work. Training requirements depend on who you work for and the specific job tasks that you値l perform. The right company can match you with plenty of security jobs in your city that pay excellent wages.


In the forensics field, you値l use advanced technology to help solve crimes. You can work as a forensic scientist, laboratory technician or forensic examiner and try to solve criminal cases that are sometimes decades old. You値l also be responsible for handling fragile and often complex pieces of evidence that need to be examined closely by a trained eye. Earning a forensic science degree from an accredited school will qualify you to work in different positions in this field.
By having the skills and enthusiasm to work in the criminal justice field, you値l be on your way to a rewarding career. Any of these positions can give you the thrill that you crave along with a comfortable salary.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Tuesday, May 28th 2019 at 5:35PM
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