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4 Tips for Organizing and Storage in College (402 hits)

Staying organized in college can typically be a challenging task. Usually, the majority of college students stay in student housing dorms. This is a very affordable option and it makes it easier to get to all of your classes. Unfortunately, dorm rooms can be rather small and cramped spaces with not a lot of storage options. Itís easy for things to get cluttered; I know they did for me. Luckily, there are many ways you can combat this. Here are four helpful tips for college students regarding storage and organization:

Utilize the Space under Your Bed

It can be easy to overlook the space that is underneath your bed. This is a great area to store items. An easy way to make the most out of this space is to purchase storage containers that will slide underneath. These are usually pretty cheap, and you can use them to store items, such as seasonal clothing, accessories, and paperwork. You can also buy little ďstoolsĒ to lift up your bed to provide more storage.

Rent Storage Space

When moving into your dorm room, you may find that you have more items than you originally realized. Since you won't have much room for larger items, such as furniture as well as many of your other personal belongings, it can be helpful to rent a storage unit. This is a very affordable option and it will allow you to keep all of your belongings safe until you are ready to use them again. This is especially good if you live somewhere else in the spring and/or summer, but donít want to take everything back with you.

Purchase Shelves

Purchasing shelves for your walls will allow you to effectively utilize the vertical space in your dorm room. Typically, you can find affordable, sturdy shelves at a local retailer, which should be easy to install on your own. You can use the shelves to store your textbooks, papers, and decor. However, you might want to check to see if you are allowed to use nails and screws in your walls beforehand. If not, adhesive strips can do the trick, although you will always want to check if they can take the weight.

Purchase Drawer Dividers

Additionally, drawer dividers can also be pretty helpful. Drawers make excellent places to store your clothing as well as office supplies. However, it can be easy to let your drawers become cluttered and messy. Then, before you know it, you will have a difficult time locating important items when you need them. Using drawer dividers to neatly categorize and organize your belongings will help to ensure everything stays in its place and that you can quickly locate things.

Overall, living in a small area can sometimes be difficult. You may find that you can easily run out of room for things if you aren't diligent about your storage and organization methods. The aforementioned tips make excellent starting points for making sure that your living quarters during college meet all of your needs and that you are able to stay tidy and neat, which has many positive benefits.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Tuesday, June 25th 2019 at 2:03PM
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