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Teaching Robots: 5 Careers That Train AI to Improve Our Communities (282 hits)

There are all kinds of careers appearing in artificial intelligence. Some people build robots, but others are tasked with training them. A few positions are centered around a broader AI experience where you build then teach your robots. If you want to train AI bots to help improve the community, check out these five careers.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are the people who are tasked with training AI robots to do perform specific tasks. It is essentially the skeleton of AI training as you would be teaching the basic tasks that the robots were invented for. Extensive education and training are required to obtain a career as a machine learning engineer including at a master's degree or higher.

AI Research Scientist

An AI research scientist experiments with different techniques to train AI to be able to do more. This may not put new AI bots directly into the community, but you would work on new training in an attempt to make a breakthrough to allow AI to do more. It requires experience in multiple fields of AI including machine learning and at least a master's degree needs to be obtained. Software like netowl uses AI to help with identity resolution. Many careers in science are underfunded. However, AI can have business interests and funding by deep pockets who become users of the technology. It's an applied science.

Robotics Scientist

Robotics scientists have created modern conveniences such as Alexa whose presence now graces many homes. This and similar creations are helpful to a multitude of people are especially beneficial to disabled populations. Years of work on each bot allows robotics scientists to release the best possible versions of their AI bots that also include the extremely useful Roomba.

R&D Engineer

An R&D engineer handles the speech aspects of AI training. This means that they are the ones teaching language processing and speech recognition in AI bots. These functions are becoming increasingly popular in a majority of bots making it a rising field. It can be a useful function in terms of convenience and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence Professor

Being an artificial intelligence professor arguably gives you the most control over the future of AI. While you likely aren't the one developing the products themselves, it gives you the ability to help shape the future generations who will be creating and programming future advancements in artificial intelligence.

There are a variety of fields within the artificial intelligence world. Find the one that best fits you and your desires from these career paths and more. Just about any career within AI will be rewarding and help with advancements towards improving our local communities.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Friday, June 28th 2019 at 4:56PM
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