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4 Important Resources for Elderly Job Seekers (120 hits)

It can be tough to find a job if you've been out of the market for some time. Older job seekers can find the modern application process confusing, with many changes and a host of new requirements becoming the norm. Below are four important resources that can help older applicants navigate the market and find the jobs they desire.

Job Matching Companies

It's always a good idea to get a little advice about not just what job for which an individual is suited, but where to apply. Job matching companies can take a look at an individual's work history and skills in order to match that person with a job that's looking for employees. Though this is not a guarantee of employment, it can often a good first step.

CV Consultants

Getting a job-seeker's CV up to modern standards can be quite an undertaking. Even if the job-seeker has recently updated his or her CV, working with a consultant is an important method of ensuring your format is in line with modern expectations. These consultants can not only help with language and formatting but can help many to highlight their strengths and make themselves look more attractive on paper. Given the importance of a good CV, this is one resource that simply cannot be ignored.


references are worth their weight in gold, especially when finding a job. Even if your experience looks great on paper, employers take great stock in the words of previous coworkers and managers. These references can give them a better insight into how you are as an employee. It's always important to network with people in the same field and to keep in contact with co-workers and supervisors from old jobs in order to ensure strong references.

Age Discrimination Lawyers

An unfortunate fact of the business world is that some companies do their best to shut out great candidates because of their age. This is against the law, and it's a good idea for most older job seekers to keep the contact information for an age discrimination attorney handy. While it's perfectly legal to be passed for a position because another candidate is more qualified, no one should be shut out of the market because of his or her age.
Leveraging resources is always important for those seeking jobs. Elderly job seekers should always look for help with the CVs and help to find jobs that need their skill-set. It's also important to keep in contact with both strong references and good lawyers to have the right kind of back-up during a job search. With the right resources, finding a job will be easier than some may suspect.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Friday, June 28th 2019 at 7:03PM
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