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City Council Passes Marijuana Reform (625 hits)

Legislative Package Reduces Penalties and Funds Record Sealing Program

Tonight, July 22, 2019, Columbus City Council made a declarative statement – inequities relating to medical and recreational marijuana in the criminal justice system must end. Ordinances 2032-2019 and 2084-2019, passed unanimously, reduces penalties for marijuana and paraphernalia possession while funding a record-sealing program to be serviced by the Legal Aid Society of Columbus.

“This legislative package aims to create a more fair Columbus, especially for black residents disproportionately impacted by past drug policies,” said Council President Shannon G. Hardin. “We are not endorsing drug use. But while folks in some parts of town can legally profit from medical marijuana, it’s important we do what we can to help those folks in other parts of Columbus who face criminal charges, hefty fines, and barriers to employment for marijuana possession.”

Under the new law, penalties for low-level marijuana possession are $10 for less than 100 grams; and $25 for less than 200 grams, but greater than or equal to 100 grams.

“We’re taking an important first step to help remove barriers to employment for folks in our community,” Hardin continued.

In Columbus, 62 percent of residents charged with possession of marijuana or paraphernalia are black men, and nearly half of all defendants were 25 years old or younger. Studies have shown that those with criminal records, even for minor offenses, earn far less and are unemployed at higher rates. These are life-altering situations that can impact future employment, housing and college opportunities for thousands of people in our community.

One of the key components of the new legislation is that an arrest or conviction for a minor misdemeanor violation does not constitute a criminal record. Therefore, residents do not need to include the violations on applications for employment, license, or other right or privilege, or made in connection with the person’s appearance.

“These changes can be transformative,” said Councilmember Shayla Favor. “Criminal records impact employment, housing and college opportunities for thousands of people in our community. I am proud that we listened to community feedback and changed the code to keep people out of the criminal justice system unnecessarily, and help those already there.”

As a result of the legislation, residents who currently have a criminal record because of low-level possession and other offenses can apply to have their records sealed by contacting Legal Aid Society of Columbus. For more information, call 1-888-246-4420 or visit www.columbuslegalaid.org.

Columbus residents agree with these changes. Council conducted two public hearings, dozens of stakeholder engagement sessions and a survey which garnered 4,086 responses to ascertain locally-based insight.


4,086 responses to the marijuana survey.
97% of residents surveyed believe medical marijuana should be legal.
93% of residents surveyed believe marijuana for recreational/personal use should be legal
96% of residents surveyed believe the City of Columbus should reduce criminal penalties for low-level marijuana possession.
94% of residents surveyed believe the City of Columbus should eliminate criminal penalties for low-level marijuana possession
95% of residents surveyed support the City funding a program to help residents convicted of low-level offenses having their records sealed to increase access to housing and employment opportunities.

Posted By: Elynor Moss
Tuesday, July 23rd 2019 at 10:31AM
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JULY 26, 2019

A tragedy took place over one day ago because two toung men got into a fistfight which l3ed to a shooting. And because the police chased the shooter with intent on probably gunning him down, the youngman went to his girlfriend's in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and then appreantly took his own life. Po0verty breeds crime and violence. And according to sources, those financial powerhouses working through President Trump, who are really for Jewish Imperialism, has communities at an insane level right now. Many people are being blocked on all Social Medias outlets from ranting. And because females have given full parental power to the governments, and to Social Services, poverty stricken communities are dealing with mental health in a chaotic fashion. Young people with mental disabilities who looked to Social Media for answers are being banned because of their many forms of rants. This has transformed violent ranting into violent acts, and the only method of control is to kill the youth, according to police actions. We don't condone the killing of anyone because its against the laws of nature, and it wastes intelligent energy. However, when people are so afraid of police after committing acts of violence, to where when police show up on the scene, those involved are sure that they'll be killed by police, and it usually leads to a police chase first. Sometimes they end of dead afterwards. The sad thing is that there are forces being paid to monitor websites. These forces determine what threads stay and what are removed. But if there is powerful factual information posted, a different method occurs. First they'll sit back and monitor the reactions of members when threads citing the evils about the New World Order is posted. And based on the conversations generated on the entire website about the post, the agitators then target specific people. Some mebers may disagree with an entire post but embraces parts. They too are targeted because in the New World Order, all opposition is eliminated! https://www.pennlive.com/news/2019/07/two-dead-after-shooting-suicide-in-downtown-williamsport.html

And depending on how powerful the posts, we were informed that many black websites block specific posts altogether. One can have 6 to 9 parts to a post, and depending on how effective the post is, three or four threads may never get posted, even though they were posted by the member. The point being made is that there is no 1st Amandment rights in the U.S. anymore. Donald Trump is the President of the USA. He says that there is a problem with the 1st Amandment being expressed in this country, and yet, it is only getting worse. Can Mr. trump change this or is he part of the major shift taking place in America? A U.S. President is one of the most powerful people on the planet. You mean to tell us that he cannot change how voices are being erased? The young generations only means of venting is through Social Media. We don't agree with Social Media because it has pretty much raised the Millenials and Generation Z, pitting them against their great great great great grandparents way of life and survival. Many of these youth don't know how to fish, how to camp out, how to survive on small quantities of foodstuffs, nor how to manage money all the way down to one dollar. Most embrace the legalization of marijuana which is taking large sums of their money. Many of them are spendthrifts and there is no one to teach them the value of a dollar. Thus, when they don't have any money, and the effects of genetically altered marijuana come calling, their mentalities change drastically. Some without marijuana are outright violent. They have no parents to Teach them of this. The blackman name Muhammad staying at the Northwood Motel (570) 547-6624, located at: 6801 U.S. Highway in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, has been trying to teach the youth the value of a dollar for years.

He has also tried teaching them how to go into business for themselves, but to re-create after 12 months because there are those who will steal their methods. And when this happens, lets say one person is selling shoes in a neighborhood, and another wants to get started doing something. Usually, the latter would want to sell shoes as well, instead of selling, maybe T-shirts, which hurts the business prior. It then becomes competative. there have been many cases in Philadelphia where it got violent and people had lost their lives. The point being made is that people like Muhammad are being wiped out. Many Americans sit back and claim to want to go to work and make a life for themselves, but refuses to acknowledge that a New World Order is in progress. No matter how much Politicians lie, the New World Order is the ultimate mission. Many police think that they are going to be saved. But they won't be saved. Even parties within the United Nations have confirmed that police are expendables. The sad thing is if police know they shall eventually have to stand against neighborhoods they tricked, lied to, deceived, and turned one another against themselves, how is it that they are not on the side of those who are seriously concerned about the transformation to the New World Order? Don't police know, according to patterns, when chaos hits in communities they monitor, victimized poverty stricken people normally turn against those that terrified them last? The Illuminati people see everyday but have no idea who they are looking at. So to them, the Illuminati is a phantom. The only one being used as brute force for the Illuminati and secret societies is police departments across the U.S.

Many caucasian police think that President Trump will save them. But Trump says when things get too bad he is out. Thus, those cops will have to fend for themselves. This fact Trump made known! They want cops to deal with situations that is a matter of life and death. And cops must be willing to die each time they are called out to a scene or face criticism and backlash over self preservation. Only a fool will work for anyone who employs them in this manner. So who are these cops that are willing to die for a badge, when there are parties within the Congressional House who wants them eliminated? Within the New World Order, there is no room for cops. So what will happen to America's police forces? Many Illuminati members claim that the cops, unless they are alien human hybrids, will be forced to stand with the communities they live in before its over. So whats the point of all this? On one hand, there are cops viciously killing people they are going to have to be in the same category as very soon. And on the other hand, these cops and their families won't have enough ammo to fend off hundreds of thousands of lunatics, psychopaths, and killers. Scientists are even saying that just as the lights went off twice in New York recently, the same will happen across the nation sooner than later. Do you understand what we are saying? Why place your family and everyone you know in harm's way for a job? This means you really don't care for your family because you can see the changes taking affect in America, and rather than standing up for what you really believe, you'd rather go the other way. Trust us, cops will have alot of people standing beside them if they would wake up and see that they are being forced to be assassins or victims in this deadly game of cat and mouse by the Illuminati bankers, and the State of Israel.

Unfortunately, many cops are freemaspns and Eastern Stars. They know what they have pledged their allegience to, and before its over, they know that it will come down to the Road Warrior. There won't be any place people can hide before its over. And 2020 is the year of unspeakable bloodshed. It will make 2019 seem like a time of mostly peace. But we know that what we know, and who we have been schooled by, will be disputed by those who are on payrolls to dispute all facts about the New World Order. So women on all websites can expect lunatics lurking more in their accounts, your emails, and eventually, at your homes, leaving unspeakable words and phrases. This is the way of the Illuminati and it shall get worse. They are sitting on deserted Islands and other places of peace, speaking without a care in this world, while laughing, joking, and planning events for themselves. But humanity seems to be living in constant fear on a daily basis. They'll never know when a bullet will hit them. They'll never know when some lunatic kills them with their motor vehicle. They'll never know when they'll get car-jacked. They'll never know when they'll have a home invasion. They'll never know when their jobs moves to another country and leave them with nothing. But they trust all of Congress and President Trump. Imagine that! And in all of this madness the Illuminati has accelerated society's linchpin! The first battlefield is to rewrite history. Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair s*x, the less attractive ones included. Women are the focus of the banker's crusade to degrade and enslave humanity. Young women today - promiscuous, lesbian, entitled, social justice warriors, are simply not up to the challenge of matrimony and motherhood.

This truth was brought home in a biography of the American writer, Stephen King. In 1949, when Stephen was just two, his father abandoned his family. He went out "for a pack of cigarettes" and never returned. His mother, Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King (1913-1973) scrambled to support Stephen and his brother David, taking menial jobs, finally caring for the mentally handicapped in a local asylum. Nellie exercised a formative influence on her son who later became the most successful writer in US history. More than a dozen movies have been made of his more than 50 novels. When young Stephen discovered a box of his father's manuscripts, he asked what happened. "Your father lacked persistence," she explained, "same as in our marriage." Stephen persisted and endured poverty until his breakthrough with the novel Carrie in 1973. His mother died of cancer just before it was published. Mothers are the unsung heroines of this world. Women used to change the world by shaping the character of their children and supporting their husbands. They lived through their family. Don't tell me a woman pursuing an exacting career can give her family as much. Young women today are busy "changing the world" by being "proud sluts" and campaigning for female criminal Politicians. Anti-Zionist crusader and martyr, Henry Klein, dedicated his 1935 autobiography "My Last Fifty Years" to his mother. He wrote that her "Instincts and Spirit were transmitted to her son." He can truthfully say, "In a world ruled by Mammon, I have tried to serve my fellow man...If I have exposed some hypocrites, humbugs, and liars, I feel I have only further served God."

Unfortunately, many woman of today are seeking to overthrow the U.S. into some dark and unimagineable madness. This will not go right. And many of these women are fighting for abortion rights! Really? And what of those who are already mothers? What type of ashes they think their children will rise up from in a country where bloodshed won't spare any person! Is this what those children were brought into this world for? Children of Sorrow! If women in Senegal had a choice, they would oppose what women are doing in America and stop what happened to their country. No good can come from allowing vampires to rule over humans while draining the country of all natural resources. In Senegal, West Africa, life is placid, with no danger, except to your health. That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, "a fecalized environment." Stool or excrement is everywhere. People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust onto you, your clothes, your food, and the water. Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure. And yet, there are many American Politicians claiming that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country. Even in Paris recently, a beautiful African woman in a grand boubou had her child defecate on the sidewalk next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The French police officer, ten steps from her, turned his head not to see. Senegal was not a hellhole. Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures' terms. But they are not American terms. The excrement is the least of it. Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible. ake something as basic as family. Family was a few hundred people, extending out to second and third cousins. All the men in one generation are called "father." Senegalese are Muslim, with up to four wives. Girls had their clitorises cut off at puberty. s*x do not include kissing. Love and friendship in marriage are Western ideas. Fidelity was not a thing. Married women would have s*x for a few cents to have cash for the market.

Senegal women are worked half to death. Wives raised the food and feed their own children, do the heavy labor of walking miles to gather wood for the fire, draw water from the well or public faucet, pounds grain with heavy hand-held pestles, live in their own huts, and have conjugal visits from their husbands on a rotating basis with their co-wives. Their husbands laze in the shade of the trees. Yet family is crucial to people there in a way Americans cannot comprehend. The kleptocratic elites of Africa extends through the whole society. Many towns have a medical clinic donated by international agencies. The medicine is stolen by the medical workers and sold to the local store. If you were sick and didn't have money, you'll drop dead. That is their normal after Capitaists, Communists, and Socialists influence. In Senegal, corruption rules, from top to bottom. Go to the post office, and the clerk would name an outrageous price for a stamp. After paying the bribe, you still don't know it if it would be mailed or thrown out. That is their normal. African problems are made worse by our aid efforts. Senegal is full of smart, capable people. They will eventually solve their own country's problems. They will do it on their terms, not America's. Many people across the globe know about the New World Order, and about the thirst for ultimate power that is headed by the State of Israel and America. China wants all humans to be micro-chipped, placed inside world-wide data bases, and monitored like cattle. Many chinese citizens claim that China's elite often feeds on human flesh. The Social Credit System givens them the authority to do what they want without answering to anyone. The Chinese government says all world governments want the same and Pope Francis will see to it that it happens. If not, then the entire Planet Earth will be purged into darkness, and things that go bump in the night will also feed without limits on human flesh.

In Conclusion: Some countries are trying to warn Americans that a system is being set in place to enslave them all. They also claim that there are many people in America that appear human, but are far from it. And it is those who are in positions of power that is forcing things on the American people withoput any Justice Departments to bring them down. Let jsut speak about predictive programming.Every generation has its fears and there are plenty of fictional stories that can recalibrate public paranoia. The idea of the “Revelation of the Method” or predictive programming has been a favorite topic with theorists that use synchronicity and coincidental or even intentional fore-structuring is proof that those who are in charge of producing our entertainment are not only entertaining us but are manipulating us and showing us approximated futures that the elite plan to carry out. For many years we have been horrified by movies dealing with mad science and how things go wrong when mankind decides to tamper with Mother Nature. We have also seen movies that have themes where some of the smallest things on planet earth can be the most dangerous to our well being. We remember in the old story of H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds, that even with all of the military’s best weapons we were unable to conquer the aliens. We learn later that it was simple bacteria that did them in. In the book, the Martians do die swiftly as a result of bacterial infections, when they are on the cusp of taking complete control of the Earth. We learn that the Martians have, during the course of their evolution, eradicated all pathogens as part of their conquest of nature itself. Thus, they have no need for antibiotics, they never die from infections or from diseases and they no longer have any cultural memory of pathogens or disease.

This last point is, at least slightly, a criticism of the human tendency to forget really vital basic truths when they no longer seem to have mattered for a relatively short time. The lack of consideration results in a lack of preparation for the possibility of disease and, much like the white European explorers of ‘Darkest Africa’ died quickly from native diseases to which they had no immunity, unlike the locals. And that’s all foreshadowed and adequately explained and it is a warning from the Victorian era – an era where pestilence would indeed kill those who wound up in the wrong side of town, being exposed to diseases brought on by fleas and vermin. Basically, the ending says that the aliens perished by, “…the smallest creatures that God himself put on Earth.” It’s implied that the reason they died from our diseases is that, unlike us, they’re not adapted to Earth’s biology. Their immune systems were just too fragile to handle the onslaught of bacterial pestilence. Even before the Victorian Martians were written about, the Bible was already speaking of apocalypse and a bottomless pit that opens up, and out of the smoke comes the terrifying reality of locusts and creatures with the stings of scorpions. According to scripture, these locusts were not given power to kill men, but only to torment them for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion. The passage goes on to say that in the future men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them. Then we are given the description of these angry bugs they were said to look like horses prepared for battle, with something like crowns of gold on their heads, and faces like the faces of men. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyvR-lQwNzM.

Back in 1975, William Castle, one of the best horror writer and directors created the film, Bug. It was the last film Castle was involved with before his death. In the film, an earthquake releases mutant cockroaches that can create fire by rubbing their legs together. Eventually, most of the bugs die because they cannot survive in the low air pressure on the Earth’s surface, but a scientist keeps one alive in a pressure chamber. He successfully breeds the cockroach with a modern bug creating a breed of intelligent, flying super-bugs. There is something unnerving about genetically modified bugs that can fly into your hair and strike a fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyPRoDLiHac. The movie was based on the science fiction book, The Hephaestus Plague, where a scientist genetically engineers a carbon eating bug; each one capable of emitting a tiny flamel each one mysteriously incapable of reproducing. Their swarm is relentless and unstoppable, leaving a wake of death and charred ruin. Scientists struggle to destroy them before they destroy the Earth. In 1997, there was a movie called MIMIC. The story was about genetically modified cockroaches. In the film, there is a disease carried by common cockroaches and it is killing Manhattan children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZDpzoygZxw. In an effort to stop the epidemic an entomologist and her husband creates a mutant breed of insect that secretes a fluid to kill the roaches. This mutant breed called the Judas Breed was engineered to die after one generation, but three years later we find out that the species has survived and evolved into a large, gruesome monster that can mimic human form. The form is a tall walking flying bug. It attacks at will and there is a huge colony living in the New York Subway.

While all of these “Buggy” examples are science fiction, there seems to be a similar story being laid out in our reality and the results may wind up being just as bad, if not worse. Many people have been warnedabout genetically modified mosquitoes that can be used in Gain of Function exercises, where these bugs can carry a disease that can be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. The idea is shocking, and some may call it some tinfoil hat science fiction but in reality, some scientists are arguing that “Gain of Function” experiments are key in order to monitor the effects of pathogens on animals and maybe even humans. Gain of Function experiments or GOF experiments are bio-security experiments that are routinely done in labs all over the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzEi1K-jmDA. In recent years, some members of the scientific community have been involved in a vigorous debate over so-called “gain-of-function” experiments involving pathogens with pandemic potential, such as the influenza virus. Proponents and opponents of GOF work engaged in extensive discussion about the value, safety, ethics, and validity of this type of research. The House quietly voted last week to require the Pentagon inspector general to tell Congress whether the department experimented with weaponizing disease-carrying insects, and whether they were released into the public realm, either accidentally or on purpose. The unusual proposal took the form of an amendment that was adopted by voice vote, July 11th, during House debate on the fiscal 2020 defense authorization bill, which lawmakers passed the following day. The amendment, by New Jersey Republican Christopher H. Smith, says the Inspector General “shall conduct a review of whether the Department of Defense experimented with ticks and other insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPz1oLIKJyY. https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/neaxdq/the-conspiracy-theory-thats-got-a-congressman-demanding-a-probe-into-weaponized-ticks.

If the answer is yes, then the Inspector General must provide the House and Senate Armed Services committees with a report on the experiments’ scope and “whether any ticks or insects used in such experiments were released outside of any laboratory by accident or experiment design.” The amendment is an attempt to confirm or deny reports that Pentagon researchers, at places such as Fort Detrick in Maryland, and Plum Island in New York, implanted diseases into insects to learn about the effects of biological weapons and also looked into using such insects to disseminate biological agents. In 2018, it was reported that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was involved with experiments using gene-editing techniques like CRISPR, to infect insects with modified viruses that could help make America’s crops more resilient. If a cornfield were hit by an unexpected drought or suddenly exposed to a pathogen, for example, Insect Allies might deploy an army of aphids carrying a genetically modified virus to slow the corn plant’s growth rate. Now keep in mind that President Richard Nixon banned U.S. government research into biological weapons in 1969, but research into protecting U.S. military personnel from such agents were continued, and gain of function exercises have also continued on unsuspecting citizens. A book called “Bitten,” published this year, makes the case that the Defense Department research occurred and hints at a possible connection between the experiments and the spread of maladies such as Lyme disease, which is borne by ticks.

What is most interesting is that the investigation may shed some light on the spread of Lyme disease in this country. Between 300,000 and 427,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur each year, with further growth expected in the years ahead. However, Representatives like Christopher Smith have posited the theory that bioweapon specialists packed ticks with pathogens that could cause severe disabilities, disease, and death, among potential enemies to the homeland. Smith has been a fierce advocate of raising awareness about Lyme disease and increasing prevention efforts. Smith, the co-chair of the House Lyme Disease Caucus, earlier this year introduced the “Ticks: Identify, Control, and Knockout Act” (TICK Act), a bill to come up with a national strategy to fight Lyme disease. If passed, the measure would authorize an additional $180 million to boost funding for Lyme disease research, prevention and treatment programs. https://www.collins.senate.gov/sites/default/files/Tick%20Act%20One-Pager.pdf. The CDC currently spends about $11 million on Lyme disease research. It remains to be seen whether Smith’s tick amendment will make it into the final defense spending measure. Both the House and Senate have passed their own versions, and soon, representatives from both the House and Senate will meet in conference committee to reconcile the two bills. Meanwhile, officials in North Carolina said one of the young bulls brought for testing at its Northwestern Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab had more than 1,000 ticks on it. The landowner lost four other cattle due to the same issue in 2018. Testing confirmed the ticks were Asian longhorned ticks. The Asian longhorned tick is an exotic tick hailing out of East Asia. The ticks were reported for the first time in the U.S. in 2017. Since then, 67 counties in the U.S. have confirmed the presence of Asian longhorned tick populations. The cow deaths were in Surry County which is at the border with Virginia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxQBSsZ5hiI.

Ticks caused the death of five cows in North Carolina, with all of the casualties linked to acute anemia because of tick infestations. In a letter warning livestock and pet owners to be vigilant in their measures to prevent ticks, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services said these exotic blood-sucking ticks are infesting animals causing severe harm in some cases. The Asian longhorned tick is a “serious pest” of livestock in East Asia but its not clear what it means to those in the U.S. It is known to be an aggressive biter and often builds massive infestations on animals. The infestations cause stress, reduce growth and production and blood loss that can lead to death. Even more worrisome, the tick can reproduce without a male with a single fed female tick able to create a localized population. While it’s unclear what impact the Asian longhorned tick will have on humans in the U.S. there are concerns they will continue to suck the life out of animals and eventually spread diseases to humans. North Carolina officials said the Asian longhorned tick hasn’t been linked to any human infections in the U.S. so far, but the state is working to understand its distribution and monitor for any diseases the ticks may carry. According to the Center for Disease Control in other countries bites from this type of tick can make people as well as animals seriously sick. For instance, in China and South Korea, the tick has been blamed for spreading Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus or SFTSV. The tick-borne disease can cause hemorrhagic fever. As of June, longhorned ticks have been found in several states in the U.S. including Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia. So far there have been no harmful germs found in the ticks collected in the U.S. that can infect humans. There is this underlying concern that has been talked about off and on with regard to a major viral outbreak that could be the result of an accidental release, or an intentional release that is meant to wipe out an enemy quietly and without much fanfare.

We need to understand that viruses evolve, and with the help of science and the development of warfare agents, we can see a contagion force multiply and be kept under glass until for some reason, it is released as a sure-fire way to eliminate an enemy or to cull the herd. It is important to point out that such weapons are aimed at the cells and that little by little, we waste away if the immune system is compromised and, like a deadly alien, invades the host and continues to destroy the cells until the host dies. Modern medicine does have some antiviral medications in its arsenal, but the highly-evolved viruses have been known to mount a resistance. Recently, there has been concern over the possibility that Tuberculosis, Typhus and the Plague could break out in California due to a flea infestation brought on by uncontrolled rat populations. This concern has been tossed around by conspiracy theorists as a way to thin the herd. There can easily be a way to test the waters for how the disease spreads and affects the homeless and others who come in contact with them. Meanwhile, we are seeing a lot of cases of flesh-eating diseases being diagnosed along the East Coast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2WV7sXFikA. For years, flesh-eating bacterial infections were so rare in the U.S. that even a single case would make national headlines. But here in 2019, the news is telling us that we are seeing flesh-eating infections “at a rate much higher than in previous years”, and this outbreak really seems to have escalated dramatically over the last couple of months. There seems to be a “perfect storm” brewing and we wonder how and why this is happening when quite possibly it is right in front of our faces. We seem to have entered a time when nature is behaving in some extremely strange ways. It would be great if the experts could explain all of the weird things that we are seeing, but they can’t.

Vibrio vulnificus is an “opportunistic pathogen” responsible for a majority of seafood-related deaths in the U.S., according to an article written by the American Society for Microbiology. The bacteria thrive in warm salty and brackish waters and enter humans either through breaks in the skin or after being consumed with raw seafood. Up to one-third of people with vibrio vulnificus will die from the infection, which can cause flesh-eating and commonly fatal bacteria known as necrotizing fasciitis. A woman in Florida died last month after contracting the bacteria when she fell into the water and cut her leg, a wound that measured just three-quarters of an inch, NBC reported. That afternoon she experienced overwhelming pain in her leg. Within days her limb was black and she was put on hospice care, eventually succumbing. She was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis and subsequently suffered from two strokes, kidney failure, and sepsis. At another Florida beach, a 12-year-old girl similarly complained of pain that started in her leg and traveled through her entire body, wrote her mother in a Facebook post. After an initial visit at a local hospital, doctors told the woman to send her daughter to a hospital in Indianapolis specializing in children’s health where she was admitted to the ICU for an infection behind her knee and septic shock, reports Today. Though her recovery is expected to be a long one, a rush to emergency surgery saved the girl’s life and prevented the amputation of her leg. Cases in 2019 are adding up at a rate much higher than in previous years: A young boy contracted vibrio in Maryland last week after swimming at a local beach, reports CBS. The Miami Herald reports the story of a man in Florida who contracted the flesh-eating bacteria and whose quick action similarly saved him from losing muscle tissue in the arm. Surprisingly, the man insisted that he became infected without being in the water.

Necrotizing fasciitis can be caused by a number of different bacteria but is commonly caused by V. vulnificus when people wade into contaminated water with a cut or wound or eat raw shellfish infected by the bacteria. Endemic along the Southeast U.S. coast, the bacteria doesn’t typically extend north of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. However, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that as temperatures rise and make previously cooler regions more hospitable to the warm-water bacteria, infections will also increase in non-endemic areas. The researchers reported five occurrences of necrotizing fasciitis caused by V. Vulnificus in New Jersey during the summers of 2017 and 2018. By contrast, just one case had been diagnosed in the previous eight years, researchers told Medscape Medical News. The quick-spreading infection starts with a red or swollen area of skin, severe pain and fever, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Later symptoms can include ulcers, blisters, or black spots on the skin, changes in its coloration, pus or oozing from the infected area, as well as dizziness, fatigue, and diarrhea or nausea. Treatment requires hospital and intravenous antibiotics and surgery to reduce the rapid spread by removing the dead tissue to avoid sepsis, shock, and organ failure, as well as life-long complications for loss of limbs and severe scarring. There have been major concerns over the use of Gene drive technologies to prevent these very diseases. Mosquitoes modified with gene drive systems are being proposed as new tools in eradicating rare diseases spread by this pestilence. It is hard for some people to comprehend the possibility that diseases we are hearing about now could be part of a bio-warfare experiment to slowly decimate the population. Now, there is a possibility for more virulent strains of Dengue fever, the plague, and Lyme disease being introduced into the populace by genetically modified insects.
Friday, July 26th 2019 at 2:42AM
george patel
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Brother Frederick Steven Humphries, Jr. (Fall 1980) Elected To Morehouse College Board Of Trustees
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