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4 Ways Linguistic Majors Help the Economy (229 hits)

The most obvious application of a linguistic major is the study of language, but a deeper, underlying aspect of the field of linguistics often goes overlooked—the study of meaning, and the push to increase comprehension. Linguistics majors can find themselves in any number of positions in the areas of their choosing after graduation. While this is in and of itself a boon to the economy, there are many more ways that a linguistics major can have a positive impact.

International Cooperation

Economies rely increasingly on global trade. A linguistics major is in the enviable position of not only having studied multiple languages to explore their deeper meanings and contexts, but also having had the opportunity to see the real impact that language differences and disparities can have. Tone, phrasing, and even nonverbal communication can greatly impact the context of a conversation, and being able to navigate these differences on an international scale requires someone with experience in that field.

Security and Safety

Having a solid linguistics background can lend itself to a steady career in security and safety-oriented software. Companies in Tech work to create multicultural and multilingual software, like aIdentity Resolution product. This is another situation where context is important, and linguistics majors have an advantage, having learned to study language in and out of context. Knowing the differences in languages, alphabets, and customs can help with UX interface and needs when dealing with a global audience.

Intelligence Analysis

The field of linguistics also gets its due representation on detective shows, and for good reason. Intelligence analysis, at first glance, seems fairly far removed from the economy, but solid intelligence can have a major impact on the entire world, and beyond that, comes in many different forms. As for linguistics, language structure provides a limit to possible solutions for codes written in that language, making it easier for someone who has studied a language and its particular grammar to track these solutions. In other words, intelligence analysis definitely benefits from a linguist.


Whether your lexicographical interest lies in the practical side of compiling and writing dictionaries and managing their subsequent edits, or in the theoretical realm of analyzing and describing relationships within a language, lexicographers and the lexicons they create play a large role in the world around them. Large numbers of the words in use today didn’t exist twenty years ago, let alone hundreds, and the rapid fire pace of many internet communities mean that some websites and social media applications are building their own syntax and grammar. Being able to comprehend and communicate in these new “dialects” is a task worth of a linguistics major, and can open these communities up for wider interaction.
Above all, linguistics majors increase understanding between different parties, something that has a major—if often overlooked—impact on the economy.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Tuesday, July 30th 2019 at 6:48PM
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