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4 Tips to Keeping Homesick College Freshmen at School (297 hits)

Whether your kids had always planned to go away to college or you gently nudged them in that direction, some regrets are now floating to the surface. In other words, your first-year college students are feeling homesick. Many students endure this experience. Instead of suggesting that they return home right away, employ some strategies to encourage them to give living away at school more of a try.

Schedule Visits

One major cause of homesickness is not knowing when a reunion with loved ones will occur. In order to ease this anxiety, schedule a visit. You can either schedule to go visit your kids at school or to have them come home; the former can allow you to show them some intriguing and fun experiences near their campuses, so consider that option strongly. Make sure that the visit is neither too soon nor too far away. After that visit, schedule another one that is more into the future. Simply knowing when they will see you next can reduce concerns.

Encourage Activities

Many college campuses have a buffet of extracurricular activities for students to join, but they sometimes need a bit of encouragement. While you want to motivate independence in your children, consider looking through the list of possible activities with them over video chat apps on your phones. This experience can also remind them that they still get to have conversations with you in which you relay advice, just as they did back at home.

Send Care Packages

For decades, college students have loved to receive care packages from home. You can bundle all of their favorite snacks, movies and games into a box and ship the items off to the school. Another option is to sign your children up for long distance gifts as women gift crates or jars of fun jellies. This type of packages provide your kids with something to look forward to. They can have the feeling of being loved and thought off and keep any thoughts of returning home early at bay.

Consider Therapy

Feeling homesick is a fairly regular experience for first-year students who are living away from home at college campuses. However, if the feelings protract for too long without resolution or if your children are experiencing extreme emotional effects of this separation, you should consider if they should meet with a therapist. Also, do keep in mind that the dorm-life experience isn’t the right fit for all students, and your kids may end up living at home.
As your teenagers are navigating living on their own for the first time, some difficult feelings can arise. Fortunately, you can employ some techniques to make this experience a happier one.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Tuesday, August 20th 2019 at 2:58PM
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