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4 Things They Donít Tell You in High School About Surviving College (344 hits)

College is nothing like high school. While your high school teachers and counselors might try to prepare you for your future, there are certain things they might not share with you. Below are four of the things that no one tells you about surviving collegeóall of which you absolutely need to know in order to thrive.

Academics are Only Part of the Equation

While you likely heard a great deal about academic rigor in high school, you probably didnít hear much about everything that goes into a successful college experience. You can and will be expected not only to balance a full load of classes but also your personal life and possibly even a job. Academics may actually be the easiest thing to which you acclimate during your early days in college.

Time Management is Everything

Another thing you might not have learned in your college prep high school is that time management is by far your most important skill. For perhaps the first time, youíre going to be able to decide exactly how to use all of your time. Getting everything done will be a challenge at first, but in time youíll develop your own routines. Learning how to stay ahead of your assignments will be a key part of making it to graduation.

Help is Everywhere

Youíve likely been told that youíll be on your own in college, but the truth is that help is everywhere. Professors have office hours, most colleges have free tutoring, and study groups can be a major part of the college experience. Learning how and when to use that help will give you a much better chance to keep a high GPA.

Your Future Isnít Tied to Classes

Finally, itís important to remember that your classes wonít decide your future. Instead, theyíll be part of an equation that also includes the connections you make and the work you do in college. Getting internships, spending time with professors, and becoming part of the larger community will end up being more important to your future job placement than getting in a specific class.

High school can only do so much to prepare you for college. In reality, itís your first step into a much more complicated adult world. If youíre heading to college, make sure that you go in with the right mindset and prepare for new challengesódoing so is the best way to succeed.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Monday, September 9th 2019 at 6:07PM
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