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Are my black genes played out? (264 hits)

Are My Black Genes Played Out?
A Poem
By Kamal Imani ©2019

Are my black genes played out?
Are they no longer leverage in the macroeconomic system of supply and demand?
Are they no longer the blue chip stock of the land?
Are my black genes now considered rotten? When they used to be king like cotton
Will the .0000000% of my black genes that remain in the consumer game after the masses are exterminated get casinos?
While the rest of them are forgotten?
I thought all life came out of black, so why do I find so many black genes on the clearance rack. At 90% off.
I thought black was the dominant gene. So why so many of us become so soft?
I thought black was the foundation of civilization, so how did we get way off course?
I thought we were the vicegerents of 196, 940,000 square miles of the planet earth.
So how did the black gene become lost?
Where will we be in the year 2050? Will we be mascots and emblems on football teams and American companies?
Or fossils and memoirs in the African American Museum in DC?
Will we, the Muslims and immigrants suffer extinction while America is ďGreat AgainĒ?
Is this species endangered man?
Are we trapped in the matrix man?
Do we be modern day slaves too complacent man?
Are we a nation of self-haters that canít see a genocidal plan?
Are our black genes played out?
Are we Just black ostriches who put our heads in the sand and look up at smart TVís every now and again
While Socio economic and geopolitical scientist master the game of dividing and conquering
While we simply master --- being mastered
We master complacency and waiting on mystery theology instead of using the inherent strength and tenacity of our human potentiality to ensure that our black genes will always be counted on the scene of the planet earth
Someoneís trying to destroy the black gene
We gotta show out like we did for Popeyes chicken sandwiches nah mean?
Or our black genes will fade out and become played out. Nah mean?
Posted By: Kamal Imani
Wednesday, September 18th 2019 at 9:35PM
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Mr. Kamala,

With all due respect sir, you are a dummy and a liar! For example, you said in your video mostly at the beginning that all life came from Black. That is an absolute lie! All lives except for the Black American race descendent of plantation slaves came from God. God is the creator of all lives, knucklehead!

Please stop making up narratives that you cannot prove!

How do you feel about the Black American race coming into our own country because itís going to happen even though I see you donít believe it? It is something good to think about Black Americans coming into seven former Confederate states that would become our country!

What say you!

Thursday, October 3rd 2019 at 1:36PM
Harry Watley
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