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4 Promising Careers for Linguistic-Savvy Students (102 hits)

If you have a talent with languages, there are lots of careers in which you can excel. Thereís always a need for those that can make themselves understood in any language. Here are just a few of the promising careers that you can be a part of when youíre linguistically gifted.

Printing and Publication

Editing or even working in the world of publishing means that you need a thorough understanding of language. Youíll be expected to pick up little nuances so that authors can release work thatís valid and relevant to their audience. The role of an editor is to ensure that the general reading public will receive the work in the spirit in which it was written. Being linguistically savvy will help you to be more successful in this role.

Governmental Options

The government always has a need for interpreters. You donít even have to work in the field in order to be employed in this type of career. For example, you can try out simultaneous conference interpreting while attending school to be an interpreter. This will give you real world experience that you can later apply to the job of your choice. Security and investigative roles are also available for you to use your skillset. Having the ability to speak a foreign language can set you apart from others in your field.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is one thatís far ranging. There are options to help plan other vacations, working in the airline industry, or being an avid traveler yourself. Many of the popular travel shows can even employ your talents when their hosts are showcasing what each country has to offer. You can be on the ground using the skills that youíve learned while you were in school. Writing about travel is another option when it comes to using your linguistic skills.

Archeological Research

Being able to combine your love of history with your linguistic skills may be the ultimate career for you. Many archeological sites and their subsequent research need to be able to focus on the life of the people that are being studied. You can work in this field and help to decipher languages that may not have been spoken in centuries. This could be a career in which you work in a museum environment or even at an archeological site.

You have options when you decide to pursue a career that utilizes your linguistic talents. Considers these options when you want to combine your love of language and develop it into something that pays the bills.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Thursday, September 19th 2019 at 1:41PM
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