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5 Night Owl Tips for Getting to School on Time (109 hits)

When you are a night owl who enjoys staying awake late into the night, getting up early enough to get to school on time is a challenge. However, there are things that you can do to make the process easier. Use these five night owl tips for getting to school on time each morning.

Plan Your Daily Outfit in Advance

Plan your daily outfit in advance by listening to the projected weather report. Have the garments, footwear and socks in one location so that you wonít need to waste time choosing matching items. In addition, prepare your backpack or satchel with the items that you need for school along with a jacket or a coat, and place these things near the door so that you are ready to leave home faster.

Use Two or More Alarm Clocks

Rather than having only one alarm clock to wake you up, have multiple clocks in different areas of your home. You can place an alarm clock near your bed, in the living room or in the kitchen to help you become alert. If you donít like listening to a loud buzzing noise in the morning, then choose an alarm clock that plays music or that makes other types of sounds.
Making it Easier to Start Your Vehicle and Drive to School
Make it easier to start your vehicle by having a garage so that your automobile isnít covered with snow or ice in the morning. Remember that a garage is not a storage unit. Use automated garage door openers make it faster to open the garageís door so that you can leave your home quickly in the morning. Donít forget to turn on the heater in your homeís garage on cold days so that your vehicle will start without any problems.

Schedule Your Classes Later in the Day

When you arenít alert early in the morning, try to schedule your classes later in the day. Night owls have a different type of body clock or circadian rhythms, so you can determine if your school offers afternoon or evening classes to make your life easier.

Prepare You Lunch the Night before School

Donít waste 20 minutes making your lunch in the morning, but prepare it the night before while you are cooking dinner. You can make a sandwich to store in the refrigerator, or you can fill a plastic container with leftovers from your dinner. Have the lunch ready in a bag so that you can grab it before leaving home.

Natural Sleeping Supplements

If you need to adjust your bodyís clock for waking up earlier, then you should take a natural sleeping supplement that contains melatonin that will make you feel drowsy.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, September 30th 2019 at 7:42PM
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