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How Teachers in Low Income Schools Can Help Their Students (234 hits)

How Teachers in Low Income Schools Can Help Their Students
When you are a teacher who is working in a low-income school, your students and their parents, along with the school administrators, may find it difficult to afford a variety of supplies. While it can be tempting to pay out of pocket for extra supplies, you as a teacher probably donít have access to those kinds of funds, and paying out of pocket sends the wrong message to the school board and budgeting committees. But there are still ways for you to support your students and school even if they donít have the money for supplies. With some research, you can find affordable ways for a school or the students to have the supplies required for learning each day.

Seek Donations

It is possible for a teacher or school administrators to seek donations from individuals in the community or from certain companies. The best way to look for donations is by completing an online search to find the companies that offer free school supplies. Schools can also contact local businesses for donations that can include money or unneeded office supplies. Some teachers also use fundraising websites and tools to ask parents directly for donations for a school, though obviously this wonít work as well in a low-income environment.

Check for Special Sales

At the beginning of the school year, many stores have special sales on notebooks, pencils, crayons and other supplies. While you can buy some supplies, remember that you can also alert parents, students, and the school itself about the sales. This is one way that students can afford to have the daily essentials required for a classroom. If you can find good deals, you may be able to convince your school board to give you a bit more budget for your classroom to get needed supplies.

Desks, Chairs and Tables

Every classroom needs tables, chairs and desks, but these items are often too expensive for low-income schools. However, school furniture suppliers might offer discounts on certain types of classroom furniture along with free shipping of the items. The administrators at a low-income school can look for furniture that is on clearance to save additional money. Remember that many companies are willing to give old or used products away at a discount or even for free to low-income schools.

Have a Fundraiser for the Low-income School

The students and teachers of a low-income school can have fundraisers to earn the money needed for school supplies. Older students can wash vehicles in the schoolís parking lot, but younger students may prefer selling items that include fragrant candles or tasty candy bars. There are companies that offer special goods for school fundraisers, and the schools will receive a percentage of the total profits from selling the items.

Apply for Grants

There are companies that offer financial grants to teachers and schools. These grants require completing a detailed application along with submitting it by a specific date. Some of these grants offer only small amounts of money, but it is possible to apply for multiple grants to earn enough money for the needed school supplies.

Combining These Methods

To have the best outcome, you should try using all of these methods at the same time in order to get the supplies needed for a low-income school. It can be hard, and it is frustrating to see money that could be helping kids in tough situations go to sport teams, frivolities, and non-educational expenses. But there are ways for you to access funds for your class without bankrupting yourself. Try these methods and brainstorm more ways you can get your class and community involved in raising money for a low-income school. Your students will be grateful for the resources you are able to provide.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Friday, October 18th 2019 at 3:36PM
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