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5 Success Tips When Applying to Higher Education Teaching Positions (260 hits)

A career in academia is rewarding and fulfilling. Many people dream of becoming college professors. Because these positions are so coveted, the process of being hired as a professor or lecturer can be quite arduous. To help you achieve your goal of becoming a professor, here are five tips for success when applying for a teaching position in higher education.

Donít Be Afraid to Show Off

When presenting your academic credentials to your potential new employers, donít be afraid to show off each and every accomplishment. This is definitely not the time to be modest. Include every published work and academic achievement in your resume.

Present a Great Teaching Plan

Your sample curriculum is just as important as your resume. Colleges and universities want to see how youíd structure a course and how youíd measure studentsí performances. Put some serious thought into how youíd structure a course and be sure to highlight why your sample curriculum demonstrates the ideal method of teaching the subject matter.

Provide Strong References

Getting ahead in academia is very much about who you know. You should include strong references in your application. Be sure that you pass on the information of former professors and colleagues who are respected in your field and who you know will speak of you highly. If you arenít sure whether a not a certain individual will say glowing things about you, donít include them as a reference.

Demonstrate Familiarity with the Schoolís Culture

When applying to a university, talk about the things you love about the schoolís culture in your cover letter. The hiring personnel in higher education arenít just looking for teachers who are leaders in their fields, but also individuals who will represent what the school stands for and celebrate its unique culture. School politics change between universities. Do some research and e-mail other professors to get an insider view at how people advance in that university.

Be Willing to Relocate

Youíll have a hard time finding a good teaching position if you arenít willing to relocate. Your choices may be limited in nearby universities. Use your connections from grad school and look at openings. Many positions require someone leaving their job or retiring. Take a look at universities across the country. A tip for cross country relocation is to get moving professionals like Fairfax to transfer your belongings while you worry about your lesson plans. This way you can hit the ground running and focus on making a great new impression.

Thereís a reason why so many people dream of becoming college assistant professor and work your way up to tenure. This is a job that allows you to devote all of your time to the subject youíre passionate about while also enriching the lives of young people. If you follow these tips, youíre sure to land your dream job at a great university.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Thursday, October 24th 2019 at 12:56PM
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Thursday, October 24th 2019 at 3:17PM
Elynor Moss
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