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The Top 4 Most Profitable Pharmacy Jobs (225 hits)

If you’re looking for a new career, you may consider working behind the pharmacy counter. There are countless positions that are hired on each year to ensure that patients get the medications they need. Here are four of the most well paid pharmacy positions that you should consider going after.

Retail Pharmacist

One of the most common jobs that you probably think of when it comes to the pharmacy is a retail pharmacist. These are those individuals in a lab coat behind the counter that measure and package all types of prescription medications for clients. As a retail pharmacist, you’ll be the intermediary to catch when there may be possible drug interactions for patients and be there to recommend alternatives. You’ll also be responsible for answering questions from patients regarding how to take the medication and what side effects to look out for. These individuals make around 55 dollars to 65 dollars per hour.

Hospital Pharmacist

You won’t just find pharmacists at your local pharmacy. There are also pharmacists at your local hospital. They’re there to measure out dosages for patients within the hospital. They will work with a patient care team to determine correct dosages for patients throughout the entire hospital. This includes the ICU, emergency room, post-surgical rooms, and so forth. You can expect to make around 60 dollars per hour in this type of position.

Nuclear Pharmacist

This is a pharmacist who specializes in dealing with radioactive materials. They’re job is to prepare the radioactive materials that will be used for both therapeutic treatments and diagnosis testing. In this type of position, you’ll mostly find jobs available at hospitals. You can expect to make around 70 dollars per hour.

Compounding Pharmacist

A compounding pharmacist is responsible for preparing special drug combinations for patients with specific needs. Some common preparations include chemotherapy drugs that treat more rare patient conditions. This type of pharmacist is highly specialized in drug interactions and the compounding process. If you opt for this specialized pharmacy career, you can expect to pull in about 68 dollars for every regular hour you work.

As you can see, there are many different pharmacy jobs out there to choose from. Most of these require at least a doctoral degree. Some of the more specialized positions will require more college time. For most of these positions, you’ll be making well over 100,000 dollars on an annual basis. Realize that due to the nature of this career field, you’ll need to have a clean background to get most positions.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Monday, November 11th 2019 at 11:52AM
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