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How to Prepare Your Application for PA School (128 hits)

Applying to PA school is a bit different than applying to other types of college programs. Not only is it quite competitive, but there are specialized requirements that you donít find in other fields. Many looking to become a PA can get stressed and confused by the requirements and admissions process, so donít feel that you are alone in this. Below are four things you need to do to prepare your application for a PA program.

Get Your Hours In

Before you apply to school, youíll need to do some work in the field. Ideally, this will start with shadowing a PAómost colleges would like you to spend at least eight hours shadowing, preferably in more than one area of specialty. In addition to shadowing a PA, youíll also be expected to work as many hours as possible in a healthcare field before you apply. While every school differs in the number of healthcare experience hours they prefer, a good rule of thumb is to work as many as you can. Review the requirements of your top schools to know exactly how many they are looking for.

Research Schools

You also need to do some research on schools while you get your hours done. It can help to use a PA school finder to figure not only which schools you can reasonably apply to given your grades and experience, but also what the application requirements for those schools might be. Youíll want to look at schools that have programs that interest you as well as those that might make financial sense for your current situation. There are over 260 PA programs in the United States alone, so itís important to narrow your application pool to the ones best for your situation.

Take an Entrance Exam

Once you figure out where you want to go, itís time to take an entrance exam. The vast majority of schools are going to require you to take the GRE, but some other schools may actually require the MCAT. Note that itís generally recommended to study much longer for the MCAT (up to six months) than the GRE, so you may want to prioritize schools that accept GRE scores if youíre pressed for time or if you feel less confident about taking the MCAT.

Gather the Paperwork

Finally, youíll want to gather your paperwork for submission. You will need official transcripts for every college youíve attended, even if you only attended the school for a single semester. You will also need letters of recommendationóagain, this is something that varies by school, but youíll generally need around three letters from PAs that you have shadowed or individuals who supervised you during your healthcare experience hours.
Above all else, make sure to give yourself time to apply. Make sure to carefully research schools so you know how much experience you need and what kind of test youíll need for admission. If you can follow the guidelines, you stand a much better chance of being admitted.
Posted By: Brooke Chaplan
Wednesday, November 13th 2019 at 5:12PM
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