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4 Things You Should Prepare for Before Going to an Out-Of-State University (305 hits)

Moving from high school to college is an exciting transition. Itís your first taste of adulthood and real independence from your family, particularly if you go to an out-of-state university. You may be excited at the prospect of being on your own, but there are a few things to think about.

In fact, there are four things you should do more than think about. Prepare for these things before you head out-of-state for your education.

Find out what the seasons/weather is like

The wardrobe you have now may be exactly what you need. Or you might need to go shopping for clothing that is much heavier or lighter than youíre used to. Either way, youíll want to be prepared for this before you go. Even if you donít buy your new wardrobe yet, youíll want to make sure you have money set aside for it when itís time.

Budget for car repairs

If you plan to drive to your out-of-state university, you should have your car looked over before you head out. A long road trip is not the time to discover a major problem with your car. You should also set aside the funds to make sure you can cover a necessary car repair once you get to your new school, too. You donít want to be stranded in a new place with no car and no money to get it fixed.

Be ready for some homesickness

The thought of being entirely on your own can be fun at first. But after the initial thrill wears off, you might find yourself feeling a bit homesick. Missing not just your parents, but your siblings, friends, and maybe even your high school days is not uncommon. Beat the homesick feeling with a plan of action. Have frequent calls with your parents and friends and stay in touch through social media, texting, and email as well. Plan trips back home on school breaks and ask loved ones to send you care packages that remind you of home.

The cost of going home

Going home can be expensive. Flying may be fastest, but it can also be the most expensive. Driving requires gas, meals, and possibly hotels. Plan ahead with your family to decide how often youíll come home and whether youíll be footing the whole bill or your parents will help out. You should also consider the costs of returning home for good. If you decide your out-of-state university is not right for you, the costs associated with transferring to an in-state school, withdrawing from your current school, and traveling back home can be quite high.

Going to college is the first step into your new life as an adult. As such, itís important that you take control and make sure youíre prepared. Ask your family for help if you need it. Just be sure you balance your excitement for the start of the rest of your life with the maturity of planning ahead.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Tuesday, November 26th 2019 at 3:50PM
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