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5 Tips for Attending School While in the Military (156 hits)

You might that being in the military means you have to forget about going to college or at least delay your enrollment. However, it’s totally possible to serve your country and earn your degree. These tips will help you with attending school while in the military.

Find Military Colleges

Military colleges aren’t schools that are just focused on combat matters. They’re ones that combine military education with a more traditional route. Look for military schools so you don’t have to worry about going to a school that doesn’t let you equally prioritize earning a degree and gaining military knowledge.

Get Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is something that all military members seeking education need to utilize. It can reduce your financial burden as a student significantly. The thousands you end up saving on tuition can be directed towards things like textbooks and other school supplies.

Look for Online Colleges

The proliferation of online colleges has helped students with the drive to learn but who might not have the scheduling means to be in a physical classroom every day. Online colleges for military personnel can work well with your demands as an active duty member. The online college experience also doesn’t have to be impersonal, as you can get to know your instructor and fellow classmates through group discussions.

Earn Credits Early

Getting credits is possible before you start your courses. You can take exams, such as CLEP exams, that let you show your expertise on a topic and earn credit hours. These still require preparation in the form of reviewing appropriate study materials, but you can greatly speed up finishing school through this method. If you have credits from successful passage of Advanced Placement exams in high school, those can also apply to college transcript and get you ahead of your fellow new students.


Going to school and being in the military is a test of many things, but time management is what’s really on display. You’re going to have times when you won’t know if you can handle both duties at once, but if you care enough, you’ll find a way to prosper. Create a strong schedule of military and school obligations. You’ll see that sticking with this is the biggest initial challenge, but that it eventually all becomes very easy to follow.
It requires a special person to succeed in the military and in school. You could be that person if you’re determined enough to meet your goals. When you’ve made it through college and the military, you’ll be glad you did both.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Thursday, December 5th 2019 at 1:53PM
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