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How Students Can Get Affordable Cars That Actually Work (105 hits)

If youíre a student who needs reliable transportation to get to and from class and travel to other places, there are many ways that you can buy a car that actually works without overpaying. Certain programs and deals are made available to students who are in the market for vehicles, and taking advantage of one of these offers can save you a lot of money. Here are a few ways that you can try getting an affordable car thatís still in great condition.

Secure Financial Aid

Even though itís not advisable to take out student loans to pay for a vehicle, securing financial aid can help you cover your tuition costs so that you can devote some of your other funds to buy a car. Financial aid may also give you a break on additional expenses so that youíll have an easier time saving the money that you need for your vehicle purchase. If you still need money after qualifying for financial aid, applying for a car loan will likely be your best option.

Wait for Car Sales

Car sales come and go, and knowing when to take advantage of the best sale will be key to securing your final purchase price at a lower rate. The last week of December is a particularly good time to find deals on new Ford cars for sale along with other new and used vehicles, and this is because most people arenít looking to spend money on a car after holiday shopping season. In addition to December 31, the last days of March, June and September mark the end of financial quarters, and car dealerships are likelier to feature sales to try to entice more people to buy.

Look for Student Discounts

Some auto makers and dealerships are known to offer special discounts to students. Chevrolet and other auto manufacturers in the GM family have discount programs that offers better deals to college students. You may even qualify for student discounts on maintenance services and insurance coverage.

Have a Parent Cosign

Getting one of your parents to cosign on a car loan can help you secure a lower interest rate and may get you approved for the loan easier. The lender will have greater confidence in knowing that you have a reliable cosigner who will be willing to cover any default payments if you're unable to make the payments on time yourself. If the parent who cosigns has excellent credit, this can definitely be to your benefit.
Buying a vehicle while still in school won't necessarily force you to break the bank. If you're willing to research the programs, deals and other special discounts for which you may qualify, you'll have a better chance of getting the low-cost, high-quality vehicle of your dreams.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Friday, December 6th 2019 at 4:17PM
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