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4 Things Students Need to Know About Workers’ Unions (197 hits)

Before heading off to start a career of your own, you should be doing some research into your desired industry. You’re likely going to have some key companies that you would like to work for. Some of these may come along with what is known as a workers’ union. Before joining up with the union at your desired company, here are four things that you should know about workers’ unions.

They Offer Collective Bargaining

The most important aspect of a workers’ union is the ability for collective bargaining. This is simply defined as the entire workforce banding together to have a greater influence over company changes. Think of it like this for a moment. Let’s say you find that there’s a better way to have a safer working environment. You go to your company manager and express your idea but nothing changes. With a union, you go to your union representative and express the idea. The union informs other workers and agrees it’s a great idea to implement. The union as a whole goes to the company to influence change.

You’re Responsible for Dues

Just like being part of any other group that works to benefit you, you’ll owe annual dues. When you undergo a welding contractor union recruitment interview, you’ll be instructed on how much your dues are. Depending on the union policy, you may have to pay your dues on a monthly or annual basis. By paying your dues, the money can go towards creating change for your workplace environment.

Safer Workplace Environment

One thing that cannot be denied about companies who have a workers’ union is that they tend to offer a safer working environment than those who don’t have unions. This simply comes down to the fact that the workers’ union ensures the safety of their members. They will fight to get better working conditions. Since the company wants to keep its workforce, it will comply with most of the requested changes for better safety.

Higher Wages

When you join a workers’ union, you can be assured that you’ll receive fair pay for the work that you perform. You no longer have to go to your boss and beg for a raise. Rather, you can simply use the power of the workforce to get a pay rate increase. A company is more likely to offer increases in pay when the entire workforce demands them instead of just one single employee.
As you can see from above, there are many elements of a workers’ union. Most careers have unions that will fight to ensure safe working conditions, higher wages, and better benefits. If given the chance to join a union, you should highly consider doing so.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Thursday, December 19th 2019 at 3:43PM
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