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4 Fields of Work for Medical Students to Boost Their Experience (114 hits)

So, you're considering medical school but want to get some experience in the medical field under your belt before you take the plunge. To be honest, working, even part-time, while you are in medical school is extremely difficult and most people would advise against it. However, many people take a year or more to work before continuing on to medical school. Often this experience helps them to decide whether or not they want to invest in medical school or pursue an alternative path in the medical industry. If you are considering working in the medical field before attending medical school there are several career fields that will put your passion, knowledge, and dedication to use without needing an M.D. attached to your name.

Nurse Practitioner

Most people don't know what a nurse practitioner is or what one does. They are an important part of any medical team and can often be found working in clinics, treating routine illnesses and seeing patients for routine exams. Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who are trained to assess and treat many conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor. If you are considering a career in hands-on patient care being a nurse practitioner may be for you.


EMTs have a high-stress job, providing emergency medical care that often makes the difference between life and death. They are first responders, called to respond during natural disasters, fires, and many other dangerous situations. To most people, EMTs are heroes who show up during their darkest hours and provide the care and initial assessment necessary to save their lives. If you are ready to become a hero, then spending a few years on a rig as an EMT might be best for you.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform both administrative and clinical duties, usually in outpatient facilities. They assist during exams and are trained to perform basic tests and diagnostic procedures. Unlike nurse practitioners, they are not allowed to treat patients without direct orders from a licensed physician. A medical assistant class can help you gain essential experience both in assisting while allowing you to observe more essential work.

Medical Office Administrator

Maybe you want to help people live healthier lives but aren't sure if direct patient care is for you. Many doctor's offices are looking for competent staff to handle the office's administrative tasks. Doctors rely on their front office team to ensure that the logistics of providing care run smoothly. Your understanding of medicine will help your administrative work, and your administrative experience will help you as a doctor. Taking a medical office administration course is essential for any staff member who may someday need to man the desk or even complete basic paperwork.
Even if you know exactly what field of medical study youíre aiming for, itís important to diversify your experience. You never know what shoes may need temporary filling in your future job, and knowing the different parts that comprise a clinic or hospital can help you be more effective in your own role. Not only that, but every bit of experience is another stepping stone toward your dream goal in the medical field.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Monday, December 30th 2019 at 12:44PM
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