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Students, Sleep, and Stress–3 Ways Students Can Learn Good Sleeping Habits (168 hits)

The college years are some of the most stressful a person can experience. This may be due to the pressure to earn high grades while living on their own and keeping up with campus social life. One of the ways that stress impacts people is through loss of sleep or a reduced quality of sleep. Inadequate rest can lead to a compromised immune system as well as chronic fatigue and irritability. Since students are required to attend classes regularly each semester, it is important that they get enough rest. Here are three ways to get better sleep as a college student.

Schedule a Bedtime

Although it may sound childish to put bedtime on your schedule, it helps many people to confirm a resting time rather than leave it to chance. If you plan to be in bed by midnight, for example, you can arrange evening activities to be ready for sleep by then. Of course, there will be times when bedtime needs to be rescheduled or pushed back, but working with a routine time for getting your rest can help to keep your need for healthful rest in focus so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of a hectic college life.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

Instead of flopping on the sofa or dozing in an armchair, organize your sleep space to optimize your resting time. Even in a dorm room, your bedroom or sleep area should be free of distractions like computer lights or television noise. Keep the room dark and quiet. Set the thermometer to sixty-eight degrees if possible. Cover the windows so you won’t be awakened by first light. Protect your sleeping place from things that might prevent your falling asleep. Put your cell phone out of immediate reach so you won’t be tempted to play with it if you feel restless, as it is likely to make you even more wakeful.

Sleep Cozy

Make sure your mattress is comfortably firm or soft the way you like it. Many people prefer to use a gel memory foam mattress that conforms to their bodies for a good fit while resting. Use clean linen; cotton is a good choice for bedding comfort, although some sleepers prefer a polyester blend. Avoid using too many pillows, as they can make it difficult to settle into a relaxed sleeping position.
Making a few advance preparations for comfortable rest can help you get the sleep you need to feel good and protect your health. Line your nest with these ideas and sleep tight every night.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Thursday, January 2nd 2020 at 2:25PM
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