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How to Make Memorable College Care Packages (104 hits)

Sending care packages to a college student in your life can be a very nice gesture, especially in the middle of a stressful part of the year such as final exams. Creating a really good care package, however, is something of an art. Consider these ideas for how to put one together.

Include Items Useful for College Students

Certain items are just useful for college students in general. Examples include school supplies, personal supplies, items with the collegeís logo on them and more. Other practical items are laundry supplies, cleaning supplies and medicines. Seasonal items are always good options for the holidays, such as Christmas decorations around the winter holidays and Halloween candy around Halloween. Itís also difficult to go wrong with money and gift cards.

Include What the Person Will Like

The best gifts are personal, so a memorable college care package should include items that are specific to the recipientís interests. Students who enjoy reading would appreciate the next book in a series they are reading while students who like sports would appreciate sports equipment and memorabilia. Items of interest could also line up with the subject a student is studying as a sign of encouragement and support. A nice idea for a student training to get their CDL license could be a trucker hat, for instance.

Include Gifts from Home

College students often experience homesickness. For this reason, one of the best ways to create a memorable care package is by including gifts and items from home. This can include food, novelties and other items that can only be found around a studentís hometown. Such a gesture can help ease a studentís loneliness and tide them over before they have a chance to come home and restock on their favorite things.

Include Enough to Share

Although most roommates and suite mates donít expect anything when someone they are living with receives a care package, it can still be nice to send enough to share. This gesture can help cement the relationships a college student has with the people they live with and even cause them to make new friends. The experience of sharing with others can make for a very memorable care package.
Care packages can really lift the spirits of a college student, whether they are struggling or not. A package put together with thought and care is often even more impactful. They can be an excellent way to support your college student and demonstrate that you care.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, January 6th 2020 at 7:53PM
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