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4 Technologies Every Shop Tech Student Should Familiarize With (51 hits)

If youíre an industrial tech student, youíll want to familiarize yourself with certain pieces of technology that are designed to help you perform projects easier. Many of the most advanced technology pieces have saved a lot of people who work in this field time and extra hassle and have been integral in improving the overall production process. Here are four technologies that every shop tech student will want to know about in order to get ahead in the field.


Galvanizing is an important step in the production process and can protect steel and iron from rusting and other environmental damage when the zinc coating is applied. A galvanizing spray can be applied, but there are also hot-dip galvanizing products that can be highly effective. Advanced quench tanks have been developed to lower temperatures of the iron or steel after being dipped in hot zinc and to reduce adverse reactive effects.

Vacuum Feedthroughs

Hermetic wire feedthroughs have been developed and improved upon in recent times to allow conductors to be passed through vacuum or pressure chambers. Some of the best vacuum feedthroughs also come with explosion-proof assemblies that can help them stay intact. You can use vacuum feedthroughs for many applications to help streamline your production. These components are especially useful for automotive, alternative energy and air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Manufacturing System Software

Like in many other industries today, computer programs can be used to manage industrial productivity better. From estimating and purchasing to scheduling and data collection, the best manufacturing technology software includes many features that can help you keep all information organized better. You can also use this software to oversee your quality control so that everything is produced to a high standard. If you end up being the manager of an industrial operation, you can use the software to manage accounting and employee data.


The most advanced smelting equipment can play a major role in how well your metal bases are extracted when applying heat to the ore. Learning how to use the equipment properly will make it possible for you to extract silver, copper and other metals from their ores. As with all other pieces of shop equipment, youíll want to learn how to use smelting equipment safely to avoid accidents that could put you, other employees and the entire operation at risk for major mishaps.
Youíll be able to advance your studies by learning how each technology piece for industry works. Getting to know the intricacies of each equipment piece will also give you an advantage in the job market.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Wednesday, January 8th 2020 at 12:46PM
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