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Special is the New Normal Special Education Movie (140 hits)

It's 11:30 AM, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Find out what really goes on in many special education schools and group homes in

America! Meet Jawon who was born with crack cocaine in his system. He's the kid in school

that no one can handle. Well here comes Mr. O. He's excited because he has a new job and

he doesn't know what's behind door number 1. Oh yeah, his friend peaches is a trip too. It's

on! This and many other student-centered stories are in the works for this new series!

Jawan and his classmates seem to be driving the teachers crazy. Can Mr. O handle him? Is

Mr. Hershey bullying him and violating the schools code of conduct? Does anyone really

want to be there?


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A Kamal Imani Film

Posted By: Kamal Imani
Sunday, January 12th 2020 at 11:57AM
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Are you in favor of Black Americans descendants of plantation slaves must have our own country so we can establish our own educatioal system?

It will be a good thing for you if you favor Black Americans descendants of plantation slaves having our own country to have our own educational system you won't be wasting your time whinning and complaining about what Black Americans don't have.

Stop being ignorant!

Christ Harry!
Sunday, January 12th 2020 at 4:54PM
Harry Watley
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