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4 Skills to Develop If You Want a Future Career in Management (71 hits)

Without a doubt, the promotion to a management position can be one of the most rewarding steps in a person's career. In addition to the passion and sense of excitement that tends to come with bigger challenges in the workplace, becoming a leader can also lead to career advancement down the line. Here are just four essential skills for aspiring leaders to cultivate, and why building the right leadership skills can be an enjoyable process.

Honing a Solid Work Ethic and Time Management System

Usually, a promotion to a good management position involves an increase in a person's workload. That can be a difficult new hurdle to surmount at times, but a good work ethic and time management system can keep even the most challenging tasks and goals manageable and achievable. If your approach to different priorities needs a bit of polish, now might be a good time to look at how your decision-making process enables you to delegate tasks in an effective and organized way.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important skills that a leader can possess in 2020 is assertiveness. In the workplace, it's easy to let resentments build if you don't communicate your boundaries to coworkers and employees, and for managers, it's essential to be able to set good boundaries and let employees know when they're out of line without being passive-aggressive or offensive. The best leaders are honest without disrespecting the feelings of the people around them.

Good Emotional Regulation

The rewards of being a leader within an organization are great, but the stresses of taking on bigger responsibilities and a bigger workload can be intimidating to say the least. To avoid feelings of burnout, leaders need to have some sort of outlet from workplace stress: Whether it's hitting the gym three times a week or pursuing a passion for the outdoors on the weekends, great managers should be adept at regulating their emotions if they want to make a difference in their organization. After all, it's not called "letting off steam" for nothing.

Critical Thinking Skills

Over the next decade, most companies interested in talent development will aim to recruit leaders who demonstrate strong critical thinking skills in the course of their work. Being a leader within an organization often means thinking through problems and consequences step by step, and impulsivity can often get the best of even the brightest leaders.

Fortunately, building critical thinking skills can be a fun as well as challenging process: Making time each day to read a newspaper or even play a game of chess online can really help you keep your critical faculties sharp and your mind alert.

While it's true that becoming a great leader in the business world isn't always easy, most people can develop the skills necessary to really make a difference in their chosen field if they put their mind to it. It might take time, but making a resolution to start building new leadership skills now can lead to big rewards and enjoyable challenges in the future. Truly, that is skill-building at its best!
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Friday, January 17th 2020 at 3:09PM
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