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Why does love hurt so good? (126 hits)

I am Ondray Pearson, Author of the book, YouTude channel, and Podcast, "Why does love hurt so good?". I'm inviting you to visit my website at www.whydoeslovehurtsogood.net. There you will be able to click on YouTube logo to watch all my relationship advice videos, Click on the Podcast logo to hear all Podcast episodes, and click on the Book Cover logo to purchase the book, "Why does love hurt so good?"

As a Relationship consultant, I understand finding love these days can be harder than finding a job. Rather we want to admit it or not, we all could use some help understanding and navigating as we look for that person to fall in love with, right? With so much information out there, it's hard sometimes to find the "right" advice that fits your relationship concerns. The information I provide is not your average "one answer fits all," to better understand you, I listen to you and respond to YOUR concerns only, making it personal to get you the result you need.
Many of us turn to friends and family for advice, and although most mean well --without them knowing the whole story they respond to only what you've told them. This is why you are more confused when you walk then you were when you asked for their help.

Many of us, depending on what the issues are, find it challenging to share with others our problems, fearing we will judge us. I don't judge, I listen. I don't tell you what you're feeling is wrong because it's not. What I do when we talk to get results that will help you is "listen," so I can better understand what YOUR concerns are. I work with you to put things in perspective to find resolutions that help you. Through the videos and books, you can use the information provided as a reminder or reference point to ensure you're able to "get and stay" on track. Remember, if you're talking, I am listening!

Posted By: ondray pearson
Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at 2:01AM
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