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Wrong Way Home :: The Times of Impeachment Day for Trump (34 hits)

Contact: Brandalyn Gill – 832.892.0064, mlkdaysummit@gmail.com, www.mlkdaysummit.com

“Wrong Way Home :: The Times of Impeachment Day for Trump”
New Documentary by Brandalyn Gill to Expose the Threat of Mental Illness in the Times of Impeachment Day
The People’s Family Workshop for the Arts/The Peoples’ Workshop
Illumination Literary, Houston Area Urban League, National Association of Mental Illness – Greater Houston, Imagiread, NAACP – Houston, Third Ward Initiatives and the 2020 MLK Jr Day Mental Health and Literacy Summit

Brandalyn Gill, local Houston self-published and Houston Independent School District-endorsed author, producing actress, and community activist set to release her true-life documentary of mental dis-ease, trauma and so much more on January 20, 2020 for the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Mental Health and Literacy Summit. “ I am so humbled to finally be telling my story” Gill states, “I think, in light of our President being impeached, the current turmoil in the country and the world, and the rising war in our minds, it is important for everyone to start coming forth with their hurts, their pain, and their vulnerabilities. That is the only way to truly bond and repair those facets of the world that have been left untouched”. Gill, who has been therapeutically nursing her traumatized and anxiolytic five-year old through kindergarten by sitting in every day for the last six months, shines line on the fact mental illness and brain disorders are on the rise while the country seems to take no notice. “Donald Trump was just impeached ... This was probably the most controversial presidency since Richard Nixon. The country is in uproar and the world is following suit. Even still, I feel this is a major distraction to the wars occurring in our own homes – in our minds. It’s affecting everything and society is really not built to stand it anymore”.

It is the age of the Z-generation where the use of electronics and social media are on the rise. The average American spends at least 4 hours of their day on their mobile device and 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media. “Topics such as the fact that kids who are exposed to longer periods of screen time have lower structural integrity between the connections found in white matter – the parts of the brain that support language and literacy skills are made to seem completely unimportant but the world is changing and I do want to be a part of that change. I know I’m not the only one … ”. Gill has galvanized some of the most powerful names in psychology and education to sit on the panel of the multimedia event, answering Dr. King’s, “Where Do We Go From Here?”. Now, only two weeks away, she looks forward to these keynote speakers having a vivid cross-talk on the stage of MacGregor Park for over 200 people: Dr. James Douglas, the President of the Houston Chapter of the NAACP; Angelina Hudson, Director of Education and Special Programs for NAMI Greater Houston; Dr. Elwyn C. Lee, Vice Chair of the Chancellor’s Office at University of Houston; Deloyd Parker, President and Co-Founder of the Shape Center; and Tiffany Nelson, innovator and owner of Imagiread. “We still need volunteers and sponsors to see this event through. Please reach out at www.mlkdaysummit.com or call 346.704.4431.
Posted By: Brandalyn Gill
Wednesday, February 5th 2020 at 11:46PM
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