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Making the Grade: 5 Tips for Learning the Lessons That Donít Quite Click (126 hits)

Letís face it: not everyone enjoys school. In fact, some people might consider it a form of torture. Tedious lectures and extremely difficult assignments are enough to make anyone have a distaste for learning.

However, learning is a part of life, so it must be done no matter how much you dread it. Doing well in school is important for after school, no matter what your post-secondary plans are. Some subjects may actually come easily to you. However, there will usually be at least one subject that you just canít get the hang of. Here are five tips for learning the lessons that donít quite click.

Donít Assume the Worst

When it comes to a course you canít get the hang of, youíll likely think of it as ďthe worst subject.Ē Youíve probably had times when you write the whole class off as unimportant, and say that youíll never use the information so thereís no reason to struggle with it. While it may seem that way, your dreaded subject isnít as bad as you think.

Instead of assuming the worst, try to approach the subject with a positive mindset. You might even find something you deem worthy. Once you get the hang of it, the subject may even open a whole range of personal and professional opportunities for your future.

Take the Time to Immerse Yourself

If you devote as much time and effort into your subject as possible, youíre going to acquire better results. The more familiar you are with the topic, the better youíll be able to pinpoint exactly what about it is difficult for you. Once youíve found it, you can find solutions to overcome the problem. Perhaps you need a new study strategy. Perhaps you just need to look at the subject from a new perspective.

While you should spend as much time as is reasonable studying, immersing yourself doesnít mean you have to spend every waking minute studying. Itís okay to take breaks when needed. In fact studies show that regular breaks improve studying. Just be sure that your breaks are effective and motivating.

Seek Out a Tutor

In many cases, people find it very difficult to learn the material by themselves. You may feel like youíve hit a brick wall trying to tackle the problem on your own. Luckily, this is where tutors come in. A tutor can be anyone, such as your parents, teacher, another classmate, or a professional tutor. Some people may find it awkward being tutored as if asking for help means admitting defeat. However, high performance tutoring can go a long way toward helping your find better study habits and improving your understanding of a subject.

Use Your Learning Style

Although learning is a shared experience, everyone learns differently. Some might learn better through reading while others prefer to see the work in action. Approaching your subject using your preferred learning method can make it much easier to understand. If youíre not sure how you learn best, there are online quizzes to help you find out. You can also find resources with ideas about how to use your personal learning style effectively.

Remember That Itís Not Forever

Finally, when youíre learning a subject you have difficulty with, itís important to keep in mind that the struggle doesnít last forever. Even if itís never your best subject, eventually, you will get the hang of it. In fact, having taken the time to truly understand the material, you might actually know it better than someone who seems to take to the subject more naturally.

Everyone has difficulty learning certain subjects, but that doesnít mean itís impossible. Whether mathematic rules keep slipping out of your mind, historic dates and figures keep jumping around on the page, or grammar just seems made up, you can find a way to better understand the material. Keep these five tips in mind the next time youíre trying to learn something that just doesnít click.

Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Friday, February 7th 2020 at 3:56PM
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