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Types of Fashion Modeling: part 3 of 5 (4443 hits)

continued from part 2...

FURTHER DIVISIONS - These categories can have further sub-categories for size - petite and plus, and for age - children, preteen, and mature. Petite size models usually are 5'2" to 5'6". Plus size is the same height as standard size models but size 14 -16. Main stream models usually start in around 14 years of age and go to their early twenties. Obviously pre-teen is before this age and mature is everything after it.

A category of modeling will only be found where there are clients to support it. Since many all of the fashion magazines are based on the east coast, that is where you will find work in the fashion editorial modeling category. Additionally, look at the magazines on the market and note what major cities they come from, this will give you insight into where the high demand, and target organizations are...

Body Part Modeling - Body part modeling is a special category that belongs in both fashion and commercial modeling. This is the use of just part of the body in a photograph. Often standard models that look great in full length shots or head shots don't look so good close up. Their hands or feet may look horrible. This is where the body parts model comes in. We will set up a shoot using the standard model's face but the body part model's hands and it looks like it is just one person. Usually body part models will specialize in just one part of the body like hands, feet, legs, ears, or neck.

With hand models we look for long slender graceful hand and fingers. We also look for smooth (no wrinkles, hair or large pours), clear (no blemishes or irregular color) skin, and very good nails. The ability to pose the hand in a relaxed graceful fashion is very important. This is like a hula dancer that can tell a story with their hands and avoid what I call "the claw" that most folks produce when put in front of the camera.
Body parts model follow a similar path ad regular models with finding modeling agencies, building portfolios and having comp cards. They simply pursue a very special niche market.

Commercial Modeling - Commercial modeling is sort of the catch all for everything that isn't fashion and isn't glamour. It is vast and diverse. The physical requirements can vary greatly. The 'look' can be mom, business executive, scientist, glamorous beauty, etc. Again, the purpose is to sell something - a product, service, or idea.

(this is part 3 of a 5 part general information series on "Types of Fashion Modeling". Writer: Marcus Tremble)
Posted By: Marcus Tremble
Saturday, January 27th 2007 at 3:33PM
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